Alumni Consulting Profiles - L.E.K. Consulting II

Matt Cohen, PhD

Senior Life Sciences Specialist
L.E.K. Consulting

Program @ Penn: Cell and Molecular Biology
Graduation Year: 2011

Describe your current position and firm/organization and the career path you took to get there.

I'm currently a Senior Life Sciences Specialist with L.E.K. Consulting. I focus my time solely in the life sciences and healthcare practices of L.E.K. solving complex strategic problems for our clients. I completed my Ph.D. at UPenn in the Spring of 2011 and joined L.E.K. a few months later.

As a management consultant, I have completed over 12 projects that cover a number of disciplines short and long-term growth strategy, portfolio prioritization, strategic partnering, commercialization planning, revenue forecasting, and commercial due diligence.
What skills and strengths did your graduate training provide you that make you a good fit for your current position?
Obviously, having the Ph.D. was required for the position, but the critical problem solving skills a Ph.D. imparts are certainly important for the job. Participation in PBG and PGCG also greatly helped prepare me for work at L.E.K.

Key skills

  • PhD showing specialized knowledge
  • Critical problem solving skills
  • Willingness to gain experience
If other PhD students wanted to get a position similar to yours, what three specific pieces of advice would you offer them that they can be doing now while still at Penn?

1. Participate in multiple PBG projects, and project manage at least one of them

2. Start practicing for case interviews at least 4 months in advance, and practice with as many different partners as possible

3. Apply to multiple firms - don't get caught up in only wanting to work for a single firm or tier of firm

Top advice for this career field

  1. Participate in consulting activities
  2. Practice case studies in advance
  3. Apply broadly to different types of consulting firms

How can students at Penn find out more about your career field?

Attend PBG and PGCG meetings. Go to information sessions when consultancies come on campus. Participate in PBG consulting projects.

Find out more

Join the Penn Biotech Group and Penn Graduate Consulting Group

What do you most enjoy about your current position, and what are you looking forward to doing at work over the next week or two?

For me, I most enjoy leading more junior team members through complex tasks and identifying value and insights for our clients. Over the next week or two, I'm looking forward to learning more about the treatment of some complex psychiatric disorders and how new technology may improve those patients lives in the future.

Positive perspectives

  • Mentoring junior consultants
  • Providing insights for clients
  • Learning about new treatments and technologies