Alumni Consulting Profiles - PriceSpective

Ling Dong, PhD

Senior Analyst

Program @ Penn: MBA/MA (Wharton/Lauder)

Graduation Year: 2012

Describe your current position and firm/organization and the career path you took to get there.
Currently, I am a Senior Analyst at PriceSpective, which is a strategy consulting firm. However, in a few weeks, I will be transitioning to another position at Genentech. Prior to my current position, I graduated with a PhD in Bioengineering. During my graduate studies, I participated in the Penn Biotech Group and McKinsey's Insight program, and both of them got me exposure to consulting.
What skills and strengths did your graduate training provide you that make you a good fit for your current position?
Problem-solving, independent thinking, and the ability to manage my time effectively.

Key skills

  • Problem-solving
  • Time management
If other PhD students wanted to get a position similar to yours, what three specific pieces of advice would you offer them that they can be doing now while still at Penn?

Get involved with consulting clubs at Penn as early as possible

Get project manager experience if possible.

In addition, make sure to participate in the annual consulting competitions that are sponsored by consulting firms (I didn't participate in that but some of my friends did and they all said it helped them secured many interview opportunities)

Top advice for this career field

  1. Get involved in consulting clubs
  2. Aim to be a project manager
  3. Participate in consulting competitions
How can students at Penn find out more about your career field?
Yes, there are a lot of consulting companies that come to campus in the beginning of the school year to give seminars and to recruit students.

Find out more

Employer information sessions (find these in PennLink)

What do you most enjoy about your current position, and what are you looking forward to doing at work over the next week or two?

I enjoy the opportunity to learn new skills. Even though I have been at the job for over a year, I still get amazed at how I pick up and learn something new every day. I'm looking forward to my next project and to learning new things, either about a new disease area or a different approach to the project. In addition, I am also looking forward to working for Genentech in a few weeks!

Positive perspectives

  • Learning something new each day
  • Leveraging consulting experience in transition to new role at Genentech