Career Exploration Advising

Our experienced staff will support you through this very important phase of your career development. Whether your are in the initial stage of choosing a career, researching your options, struggling to make a decision or ready to hit the road with a job search plan, consult with a career counselor. He or she can answer your questions and offer advice on a variety of career-related issues.

Our counselors are available for half-hour appointments Monday through Friday and each counselor has 15-minute walk-in schedules designed to answer quick questions. Any information exchanged between you and your counselor is considered personal and confidential.

How Career Advisors Support Students:

  • Sort through talents, interests, skills and values and identify potential careers that match your profile.
  • Evaluate the confusing messages you may be receiving about careers from friends, family and the media.
  • Answer career or graduate school questions and discuss any concerns related to career choice and job search.
  • Develop ideas about a career and offer advice on researching careers and approaching your job search.
  • Point out the variety of career and job search resources available in the career library, homepage and the internet.
  • Provide information on networking and information interviews.
  • Offer advice on and critique cover letters, resumes and graduate school essays.
  • Prepare you for an interview by discussing the guidelines or arranging for a video-taped mock interview.
  • Explain office policies and the wide variety of programs and resources offered by Career Services.