For Students: Start Up Fair

2019 Startup, VC and Data Analytics Fair

Thursday, February 14th, 2019
11:00 AM - 3:00PM

Houston Hall, University of Pennsylvania
3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104


Information for Students

(Employers, click here for registration information.)

Career Fairs are only open to University of Pennsylvania students and alumni (not including MBA, law, dental, Med, and vet students).

This event is sponsored by Career Services.

Dress is business casual. Bring copies of your resume!

2019 STARTUP, VC and Data Analytics Career Fair registrants with position type

(FT: Full-time, I: Internship, PT: Part-time, FP: Fellowship Program, INT: International Students)

Data Analytics room (Hall of Flags)

Air Liquide (FT, Int)

Athena Global Advisors Inc (FT, I, Int)

Axis Group (FT)

Earnest Research (I)

GlaxoSmithKline (FT, I)

HVH Patient Precision Analytics (FT, I, PT, Int)

Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies (I)

Keyrus US (FT)

Knowledgent (FT)

LinkIt! (FT)

Radian Group Inc. (FT, I, Int)

Rent The Runway, Inc. (FT, I, Int)

Seer Interactive (FT, I)

SimpleBet (FT, I, Int)

U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Office of Inspector General (FT, I)

Startup/VC Room (Bodek Lounge)

Aavrani (FT, PT, I)

BankMobile (FT, I)

Bumblebee Spaces (FT, Int)

CheersYou International Consulting Inc (FT, PT, I, Int)

Curalate (FT, PT, I, Int) (FT)

Fundera (FT, Int)

Getaround (PT)

Guru (I)

Halo (FT, PT, I, Int)

HealthVerity (FT, I)

Human Practice (FT, Int)

Innovation Department (FT, I, Int)

Insight Venture Partners (I)

LinkIt! (FT)

Metro Global Ventures (FT, Int)

Mochila Fulfillment (FT, I)

NeuroFlow (FT, I, Int)

Opendoor (FT, I, Int)

PCI Ventures (I)

Penn GSE Education Entrepreneurship Master's Program (FT, Int)

Phenom People (FT, I, Int)

Piano Software Inc (FT, I, Int)

Plug App (FT, I, PT)

Quorum (FT, Int)

SmarTECHS, LLC (FT, PT, I, Int)

Start.Stay.Grow./Philly Startup Leaders (FT, PT, I)

Stepwise (FT, I, Int)

TandemLaunch Inc. (FT, Int)

The Farmer's Dog (FT, I)

TrackMaven (FT)

University of Pennsylvania - International Student and Scholar Services (Int)

University of Pennsylvania - Weiss Tech House (I)

University of Pennsylvania ''" Penn Wharton Entrepreneurship (FT, PT, I)

vivovii (FT)

ZeroEyes (FT, I, Int)

Last updated: February 13, 2019

Tips for the Career Fair

1. Dress appropriately. This event is business casual.

2. Do your homework before you go. Research the companies attending by browsing through PennLink.

3. Review the program that lists all organizations attending (available online soon and at the event) This program lists organizations by majors being sought, those looking for summer interns, and those seeking graduate students. Identify the organizations with which you wish to speak so that you can plan your time strategically.

4. When you get to the Sheraton, decide which companies you will see first. Before you approach a table, think about the research you've done for a minute:

  • What do you already know about the employer?
  • Think of questions that you can ask to help you understand what the organization is seeking and to learn of their hiring timelines and processes.
  • Be prepared to give a brief summary of the type of work you are seeking.
  • Be prepared to say a little bit about yourself (interests, projects, research, goals, etc.)

5. Approach recruiters! Don't be nervous, the recruiters are here to speak with you. Be sociable and professional.

6. Be prepared to initiate conversation, by asking questions or saying something that gives the person an invitation to talk. The idea is to converse with employers, not to just have a question & answer session. Your conversation should last for about a minute and a half.

7. Introduce yourself and thank the employer for attending. Shake hands and make eye contact.

8. Be aware of others waiting. If you determine that you are not particularly interested in working for this organization, thank the recruiter for his/her time and walk on. If you are very interested, say something like, "I'd like to speak with you further, but I see that you have others waiting. May I come back later to see if you have more time?"

9. Be discreet in talking about employers. Even if you know the recruiter keep in mind that they represent the employer now. All conversations should be on a professional level.

10. Provide the employer with your resume. Bring plenty of copies.

11. Some organizations will bring promotional gift items. Don't take more than you can carry inconspicuously and don't take take one if you haven't spoken with the recruiter.

12. Take the recruiter's business card for future reference, if it is available.

13. If you want to pursue a job with a recruiter, make sure you know what to do next (ie. fill out an application form, send a letter of recommendation, etc.)

14. After the event, jot down some information about your conversation with each representative to whom you spoke.  This will help you in in the future when contacting this person or others in the organization. Sending thank you notes (by email is fine) is recommended for those companies with opportunities you are especially interested in pursuing. Try to trigger the representative's memory of you by stating something that you had discussed with him or her.