Helping Students Make Career Decisions


While some students know exactly what they want to do, for most students, making a career decision is one of the most difficult and charged issues facing them during their years at Penn. Many students rely on faculty for career, as well as academic, advice.
There are a number of services Career Services offers that may help you as you consult with students about their career decisions:

On Our Web Site:

Career Discovery and Planning
On this page, students can begin to explore their interests and values as well as different career fields. There are career interest inventories as well as good sources of information about specific jobs and careers.

Career Plans Survey Reports (Salary Surveys)
Our Career Plans Surveys report job and graduate study choices for undergraduate and graduate students across all disciplines and many schools. These can be helpful in showing students what graduates of your programs actually do.

What Can I Do With My Major? College | Engineering | Wharton
Often students find it particularly challenging to figure out what options will be available to them if they major in a specific discipline. These sites designed for students in the College of Arts and Sciences and Wharton present the actual first jobs taken and graduate schools attended by students immediately after their graduation.

In Our Office:

The Career Services Library
The Career Services Library contains a wide variety of materials to help with career decision-making, provide concrete information about career fields, graduate and professional school options.
If you'd like to come see what we have, we'd be happy to show you around.

Appointments with a Career Counselor
Students can make half-hour appointments to meet with Career Services counselors to talk about any aspect of their career decision making process. Please refer to the staff list for information on whom your students would contact to set up an appointment.