Faculty Guide to Career Services for PhDs

Faculty Guide to Career Services Resources for Doctoral Students

Career Services provides extensive support for PhD students and postdocs as they develop their professional identity at Penn, explore career options, and apply for a wide range of faculty and expanded career options that value their research experience. You can find resources specific to your PhD students here. We offer many resources and programs relevant to PhD students and postdocs, and some of the main ones are briefly listed below.

Individual Career Advising

We offer career advice on both faculty and non-faculty career exploration and applications. In our 1-on-1 or small group appointments with students, we can cover all aspects of the job search, including networking, putting together application materials, interviewing, and negotiating. Students can schedule mock interviews with us to prepare for any type of upcoming interview. Feel free to refer students to us for any career-relaed reason.

Critiques of Job Search Materials

We provide feedback on resumes, cover letters, CVs, teaching statments, research statements, diversity statements, and any materials requested as part of a job application. C.V.'s, cover letters, and other job-hunting documents, such as statements of teaching philosophy.

Programs and Workshops

Each year we invite faculty and academic administrators to participate in panel discussions on issues relating to careers in higher education as part of our "Academic Job Search Series", co-sponsored with the Vice Provost for Education.  Both faculty panelists and students who participate are very enthusiastic about this series. We are also happy to customize our workshops for your students if you would like us to present to them - feel free to contact us and we will be happy to discuss topics.

For more information on any of the resources that we offer to PhD students, please visit the doctoral student and postdoc page on the Career Services website.