Career Planning Resources

Career Planning Resources For Doctoral Students in the Early Stages of their Program

Advice on Achieving Success in Graduate School Resources at Penn The 5 Virtues of Successful Graduate Students How to Plan for a Career Before You Have One For Scientists: Resources from The Insider's Guide to Graduate School: Advice from your Peers Advice from Individual Graduate Students PhD Candidate in Art History Who Are You? Things to think about when planning your academic career. The Graduate Student Center Center for Teaching and Learning Writing Center - Writing help for graduate students Weingarten Learning Resources Center - Help with English for non-native speakers Counseling and Psychological Services Center for Undergraduate Research and Fellowships - This office also administers fellowships of interest to graduates students Career Planning Timeline for Penn Doctoral Students

Internet Resources

  The Survey on Doctoral Education and Career Preparation (Features advice from students in a wide range of fields) National Association of Graduate and Professional Students The Chronicle of Higher Education (Please note that The Chronicle has an excellent archive of articles on academic culture)

Advice on the Dissertation

Choosing a Committee (Scientists and Engineers) Should You Finish? Finishing the Dissertation