Research Skills in Professional Settings

Sample Skills Ability to conduct thorough and efficient searches using databases
Ability to confront an enormous mass of data and select the elements relevant to the problem at hand
Ability to multi-task
Ability to translate technical language into non-technical terms (note: "technical," can prefer to any form of specialized language, and does not necessarily mean "scientific.")
Ability to write quickly and concisely
Ability to write to deadlines
Analytical skills
Computer skills
Cultural breadth and sensitivity
Data analysis
Familiarity with demographic data
Interviewing skills and ability to summarize interview data
Fluency in foreign languages
Knowledge of how to use primary sources
Knowledge of specialized research tools and collections
Organizational skills
Presentation/public speaking skills
Project management
Public opinion analysis
Strategic thinking
Statistical analysis
Survey design and analysis

Sample Areas of Content Knowledge Aging American educational institutions
Culture and history of an ethnic or geographic area
Electoral politics
Environmental controls
Impressionist painters
International commerce
Popular culture
Population dynamics
Risk assessment
Transnational organization
Urban politics

Sample Types of Research Archives management
Curatorial work
Demographic research
Development consulting
Legal research
Legislative research
Location analysis
Market research
Policy research
Program evaluation
Public opinion polling
Securities Analysis