Student E-mail in Handshake


Important Information about Your E-mail in Handshake

At this time, Handshake only supports showing one e-mail address on a student Handshake profile.  We know that several students, for various reasons, have more than one Penn e-mail and would like to control which of them gets displayed in Handshake.  Please follow the steps below in order to change your e-mail in Handshake.

DO NOT try to open a second Handshake account with your preferred e-mail address.  Any request you make for a new account will get automatically rejected and could singfinicantly delay geting your profile updated.

To change your preferred Penn e-mail in Handshake:

  • Go the Penn Directory and click "Update Directory Listings"
  • Under "My Penn Details," find your e-mail and click "edit"
  • Find the e-mail you want to display in Handshake and click the box that says "Display in My Penn Details."  (If you want it to also be the e-mail that comes up in the directory search, click "Display as My Search Result".)
  • Click submit, confirm changes have been made and log out

After 4-5 days, the Penn Directory will sync with the data warehouse and then again with Handshake. If after one week of making the changes you still don't see your preferred e-mail in Handshake, please reach out to us here.