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University of pennsylvania Linkedin group

bw-linkedin.pngIf you're on LinkedIn, you can join the University of Pennsylvania Alumni group, whether you're a current student, postdoc or alum(na)!

There are over 38,000 members in the group already. Membership can be an excellent networking tool and resource for your career. Look for instructions on how to join once you register for LinkedIn.

Looking for more LinkedIn products and resources? Please visit the LinkedIN university site!

Linkedin Job Search App

The Job Search App (available on iOS and Android) helps students get a head start on their job search. When students apply within the first 3 days a job is posted on LinkedIn, they increase their chances of landing an interview. With the Job Search App, students can create their first LinkedIn profile directly in the app, search for jobs, set up job alerts to stay in the know, and be one of the first to apply to the jobs they want.

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Not sure how to effectively network and research organizations using LinkedIn? Want to figure out how Linked in can help with your job or internship search? Watch this presentation to get specific tips.

LinkedIN Best Practices

LinkedIN employee and Penn alumna, Mona Li ('08), shares some insider tips and best practices for current students and young alumni using LinkedIN.


Please note each group has a policy in regards to eligibility to join and their own approval process.

LinkedIn Tips


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