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University of Pennsylvania Career Services is on Twitter. Students and alumni can learn about our programs in real time. We feature advice to keep you informed on the latest resources and trends, events on and off campus and more for your professional development. Continue below to learn about our official accounts, other Twitter accounts at Penn and tips if you're new to Twitter.

Official Penn Career Services Twitter Accounts

@PennCareerServ. For general career advice, industry news and to learn about events on and off campus.

@PennCareerJobs. To view job and internship announcements for Penn students and alumni, featuring PennLink postings.

@PennCareerDay. A live information interview featuring Penn alumni who tweet about a day in their life. If you are interested in contributing, email

Some of our past @PennCareerDay Alumni Contributors:

  • Associate Director, Pennslyvania Horticultural Society: Jeff Barg, COL '02, MCP '10
  • Graduate Fellow, Impact Amplifier: Hannah Greene, COL '16, SP2 '16
  • Research Manager, GLG: Nora Downs, W '13
  • 3D Software Developer, Analytical Graphics: Sean Lilley, SEAS '13
  • Professional Organizer: Barbara Reich, COL
  • Vice President at Time, Inc.: Anup Swamy, COL '99/MBA '06
  • Teacher at a Brooklyn Charter School: Rhea May, COL '11
  • Research Associate: Jack Washington, COL '15
  • Sales & Marketing Associate at a Start-Up: Monika Haebich, COL '15
  • Associate Manager in Innovation Analytics at Nielsen: Sarada Bheemineni, SEAS '10
  • College Instructor: Ceceilia Berkowitz, SAS & W '00
  • Consulting: Sara Fleisher, W '09
  • Early-Stage Venture Firm: Ben Siscovick, SAS '04
  • Educational Non-Profits: Jason Chan, SAS '02
  • Entrepreneur: Rich Cisek, SEAS '98
  • Environmental Advocacy Group: Charley Dorsaneo, SAS '10
  • Fashion Week in New York: Meg York, SAS '10
  • General Counsel at a Non-Profit Corporation: Brandon Fitzgerald, SAS '93
  • Google+ Education Partnerships Lead at Google: Lisa Jiang W '08
  • Historic Preservationist: Sabra Smith, Design '07
  • International Health Recruitment: Kate Thiers, W '00, Day 1
  • International Health Recruitment: Kate Thiers, W '00, Day 2
  • NPR Producer: Melody Kramer, SAS '06
  • Postdoctoral Scholar in Penn Medicine's Department of Pharmacology: Dr. Caleb B. Wilson
  • Product Marketing at LinkedIn: Ada Chen Rekhi, W '06 
  • Publishing: Jaime Cheng, SAS '99
  • Software Engineer at BrightEdge: Stanley Wang, SEAS '13
  • Teacher at Success Academy Charter Schools: Paloma Saez, CAS '11
  • Urban Public School Reformer: Janel Forde, W '01, Day 1
  • Urban Public School Reformer: Janel Forde, W '01, Day 2
  • Web Design & Marketing: Jillian Kuhn, SAS '06

University of Pennsylvania Twitter Accounts

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Twitter Tips

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