PennDesign Professional Networking

PennDesign Professional Networking to Identify Jobs and Internships

Click on the appropriate link below to find firms and organizations that have expressed an interest in PennDesign students in the past.

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Historic Preservation
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Spatial Analytics

A recent survey by LinkedIn revealed that 85% of all jobs are filled via networking!  Do you know what effective networking is and how to do it?  Take note of these key strageties below to increase your chances of job search success!

Tips for Connecting with Employers and Alumni
The employers listed above have either hired PennDesign students or expressed an interest in them in the last through attendance at career fairs, participating in employer visits, or posting jobs or internships through Career Services. Conducting informational interviews with alumni and other contacts can be an important step in identifying opportunities of interest.

Before Your Begin

  • Think about what you hope to learn from these networking contacts. Are you looking for a job or an internship? The purpose of connecting with others is not to ASK them for a job, but to ask them for information which you can then use as you search for a job or internship.
  • Create a solid resume. If a networking contact asks you for a resume, you want to have your best version available to send. Before showing your resume to alumni or employers, have it reviewed by Career Services. You can make an individual appointment through your Handshake account, or visit us during our walk-in hours, both in Meyerson and at Career Services. Resources to assist you in creating your resume can be found on our PennDesign resume samples page
  • Create up update your LinkedIn account. An up-to-date LinkedIn profile is a must for anyone on the job market. Click here for a presentation on LinkedIn for design students. 

Questions to Ask

  • Once you have identified some contacts to reach out to, you then need to ask these contacts for their time. Visit Career Services' informational interviews page to learn about how to ask for an informational interview, as well as guidelines for a successful meeting. 
  • Prepare a list of specific questions you would like to ask. You may only have time for 4-5 questions, so be sure to use your time wisely. In addition to general questions, you may think about a few questions specific to PennDesign fields:
  1. Advice they may have for creating a distributing your portfolio or design sheets
  2. What resources would they recommend that they took advantage of during their time at PennDesign?
  3. What professional organizations do they belong to which have been useful (you may then seek out whether these organizations have student chapters.)

How to Find Contacts

  • Utilize QuakerNet to find alumni that may work for these firms. Log in using your PennKey and select "Alumni Search" to get started.
  • LinkedIn can be an excellent resource to find alumni and other firm contacts. You can also join the PennDesign - Alumni, Students and Faculty group. Use the "See Alumni" tool to find alumni from PennDesign, as well as any other academic institution you attended.   

Utilize Career Services
Schedule an appointment with a career advisor to discuss networking strategies. You can request an appointment through your Handshake account or by calling 215-898-7530.