Career Services collects PennDesign student resumes and places them into resume books which are distributed to employers interested in hiring School of Design students and recent graduates. We use our online PennLink system to collect and distribute these resume books. This year, the resume books will be open for submission from January 10, 2017 to Wednesday, February 8, 2017 at 5 PM. The books will be made available to employers registered to participate in PennDesign Career Connection Day on February 10, 2017.

To participate in this year's resume books, your graduation date must be between December 2016 and August 2019. You'll have to have an active PennLink account, as well as a PDF file of your resume/design sheet ready to upload. Please read the important tips below about successfully uploading your PDF file. Also, you must indicate at the top of your resume whether you are seeking an internship, full-time work, or either.

If you would like to have your resume reviewed, you can come to our usual walk-in hours in our offices or make an appointment by calling (215) 898-7530.  We will also be holding walk-ins for PennDesign students in Meyerson B3 on Wednesday, January 25th from 12-2 PM. 

How To Place Your Resume in a Resume Book

1. Register for PennLink

  1. Access PennLink. To log in or register you simply need your PennKey and PennKey password.
  2. When registering for the first time, enter your name, address and contact information. Your name must match the name that is on your resume and your job documents.
  3. Enter the information about the degree you will receive. Make sure you enter your correct graduation date.
  4. Be sure to click "YES" for "Allow my resume to be in Resume Books."
  5. Click Submit.

2. Upload Your Job Materials

  1. Log in to PennLink. At the top of the welcome screen, click "Documents."
  2. Click "Add New."
  3. Attach your resume (as a Word or PDF file). Give your document a reasonable title - remember, employers will be able to see this title. Under "document type," select "resume." (Please see below for information on creating resumes and design sheets)
  4. Click "Submit."

You have now successfully entered your documents to the PennLink system! Now you must submit them electronically to each specific resume book in order for employers to view them. Instructions on submitting to the resume books follow in the next section.

3. Place Your Resume into Specific Resume Books

Once you have uploaded a resume (and if needed, a design sheet) into PennLink, you can then place it in an online Resume Book. To ensure that your materials are available to employers attending PennDesign Career Connection Day, you must submit them by 5 PM on Wednesday, February 8, 2017.

  1. Log into PennLink and click on "Documents."
  2. Click on the "Opt In Resume Book" tab.
  3. Click on "Select Resume Books."
  4. From the pull down menu (called "Target Opt-In Resume Book"), you can select each book that you would like to submit to. For example: CITY PLANNING or HISTORIC PRESERVATION. You can submit to multiple resume books if you wish.
  5. Click "Submit."

And that's it! After the submission deadline, employers will log in to PennLink, download the resume books and, hopefully, be in touch!

A Note Regarding PDFs

The PennLink system uses PDF technology to upload and store resumes and cover letters. Typically the conversion process from Word to PDF is very good. However, if you find that your documents are not converting properly, check to make sure that your original margins are big enough (one inch or close to it is recommended) and that you have not used half size fonts (ie: 10.5 or 9.5 fonts). Tables are also not recommended. Let us know if you still have problems with formatting after checking these areas. We also recommend that you save your document to your desktop first (as either a Word doc or PDF), and then upload to PennLink, which should convert the file. This helps with the conversion process.

You can check how your resume will look to employers by clicking on the resume title after uploading it and then printing it out.

We have found that using the "Print to Adobe PDF" function works much better then the "Save As...PDF" function in most programs. If you are having trouble keeping the file size small, try the "Print to Adobe PDF" option.

Important Note About Design Sheets

Some students may wish to include a design sheet with their resume. Please try to submit as simple a design sheet as possible. If employers wish to see more of your work, they will ask for further submissions.

Your resume and design sheet MUST be combined into a single PDF document and uploaded into your "My Documents" section on PennLink as a resume.

The PDF file MUST be under 2 MB in size. The system will reject anything larger.

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Questions? Send an email to Dianne Hull