The Career Services Social Media Challenge

Hidden Treasures of Career Services: February 23rd to February 27th, 2015.

Are you ready for the hunt? Penn Career Services challenges you to hunt down a series of clues shared on their social media platforms.  Watch the clues, submit your answers and win an iPad mini. The more clues you find and answer, the greater your odds to win. It's that easy.  The hunt begins on Monday, February 23rd at 9am EST. For full details and eligibility, read below.

The Challenge.

    How to Enter.  The challenge will be held from Monday, February 23rd at 9am EST through Friday, February 27th at 9pm EST. Career Services will share clues exclusively through our various social media platforms, listed below. Watch each clue and submit a response through the corresponding entry form.  If appropriate, the response form must include the answer's website URL.  Each clue response form must be submitted by 9pm EST Friday, Februrary 27th, 2015. Limit one entry form per person for each video clue. 

    Bonus Social Entries. A series of bonus clues will be shared on the social media platforms listed below and will require an action, whether that's a picture you take, a status you share, a hashtag you tweet or more.  Responses to these bonus clues and the actions you take as required will be considered an entry and may be available to the public.

    Super User Bonus. Anyone who completes all five video clue challenges and all five social media bonus entries will receive 1 additional bonus entry. (For a total of 11 possible entries maximum per person.)

      How to Participate. Find the clues and entry forms on our Instagram, @PennCareerServ on Twitter,, and Penn & Beyond Blog.

      The Prize.

      Congratulations to our winner, Emily Milbauer (Master's of Enviornmental Studies, '15)


      One iPad mini 3 (WiFi, 16GB) will be awarded to the winner of the 2015 Career Services Social Media Challenge.

        How to Win. To win, you must participate in the challenge based on the directions listed above.  You must also be a current undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a degree-seeking program at the University of Pennsylvania AND eligible for full access to all of the services provided by the Career Services' department. Details on eligibility for Career Services' is available here

        The Details.

        For full details on the rules and eligibility to participate and to win, view the form here

        the clues

        Each video clue will be posted on our social media sites at first, and then will be archived here for reference.  The answers to each clue will be posted on or about March 2nd, 2015.

        CLUE 1:

        Answer: The Penn Internship Network

        CLUE 2:

        Answer: QuakerNet (also here)

        CLUE 3:

        Answer: Career Services Summer Funding

        Clue 4:

        Answer: PennDesign Employer Contacts Database

        Clue 5:

        Answer: Pre-Graduate and Pre-Professional Adivising Team