Welcome Civic House Alumni!

Civic House is still your house. We love to stay connected to our growing network of alumni making a difference in the world.  We hope this page will inspire you and better connect you with Civic House and your fellow alumni, and help you find opportunities to support our work from wherever you are.

Senior & Alumni Reception

Friday, May 17th 2019
6:00 - 7:30pm


Join us for Penn Alumni Weekend as we celebrate both our graduating seniors and beloved alumni classes over food and refreshments.


Come back and reflect on memories like...

         ...1999 when Civic House had just officially opened its doors! There were boxes to unpack, murals to paint
                     on walls and staff to hire. We worked to make Civic House a home!
    - Megan Hague Angus '99

         ...2009 at Civic House when the Wharton Social Impact Initiative was developed!    - Mimi Sheng '13

...and create new memories with us at Alumni Weekend!