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Alumni Profiles


Louisa Jacquinto, '13

Louisa Jacquinto graduated from the College of Arts and Sciences in 2013. As an undergraduate, she interned with the Interfaith Center of Greater Philadelphia through the Civic House's Philadelphia Nonprofit Internship Program. Following graduation, Louisa worked as the Summer Operations and Communications Associate for the Philadelphia Teaching Fellows. She then switched to a corporate environment, spending six months in an intensive internship at JPMorgan Chase in Wilmington. Louisa is excited to incorporate aspects of both of these positions in her next role as a Special Projects Fellow at Root Cause, a nonprofit consulting firm based in Boston.

Jeremy Levenson

Jeremy Levenson, '12

Jeremy graduated in 2012 with a degree in Urban Studies, and loved Philadelphia so much  that  he did not leave. He worked as an ethnographer for Penn anthropologist Philippe Bourgois, who he  met while completing his Civic Scholars Capstone project on the Attica Prison Uprising. Jeremy was assisting  him on a research study led by epidemiologist Charlie Branas that investigates health and crime outcomes associated with vacant land. The goal is to understand how vacant land becomes a practical and symbolic drain on poor communities in our particular context of extreme structural inequality and most importantly, how to change that reality. Feel free to contact him at jdlevenson@gmail.com 

Mark Pan, '11

Mark currently lives in San Francisco, CA. He graduated in 2011 with a degree in Urban Studies, and is currently working for Newsela as a Partnerships Strategist, after working at  Coursera. During his time at Penn, Mark was involved with CityStep and the Undergraduate Assembly as Vice-President of the student body. As a member of the first cohort of Civic Scholars, Mark researched the process of background checks for volunteering and investigated if the process could be streamlined, for his capstone project. Mark was a Fulbright scholar in Malaysia before joining Coursera as a Partnership Manager. He studied Urban Education and Education while at Penn, and decided to take what he learned from his classroom experiences and apply them to a larger scale, through massive online open courses (MOOCs) at Coursera. Now Mark is at Newsela, an education technology startup. Mark's fondest memories of Civic House were the "culture of excitement and social innovation." Mark explained, "[You can] see anyone and chat about something innovative, learn from someone about a social need or issue, or work together."

Ali Huberlie, '11

Ali currently lives in Cambridge, MA. She graduated in 2011 with a double major in Political Science and Urban Studies and is currently working for Parthenon-EY as a consultant, after graduating from Harvard Business School in May 2015. During her time at Penn, Ali founded a 501(c)3 non-profit, Penn for Youth Debate. One of Ali's most fond memories was seeing PFYD go from working in five schools to twenty schools. She is also a member of the first Civic Scholars cohort. Her capstone project looked at leadership structures in Philadelphia charter schools. Ali's advice to current Civic Scholars? "Keep in touch with David and Walter! One of my greatest joys is returning to campus and seeing my mentors on campus."


Nicole Dillard, '11

Nicole Dillard currently lives in New Orleans. She graduated in 2011 with a double major in Architecture and Urban Studies and is currently working for the VP of Community Services Ministries spending the majority of her time creating budgets, managing grants, and reviewing monthly financials for programs. These programs address a range of issues such as housing, domestic violence, education, and immigration. You can email Nicole at nmdillard@gmail.com.

Brian Mertens

Brian Mertens, '11

Brian graduated in 2011 and was a member of the first cohort of Civic Scholars. He works at Juvenile Law Center as its Associate for Youth Engagement. At his job, Brian works to empower young people who have been involved in the child welfare or juvenile justice systems to become agents of change. Through a series of weekly workshops, he leads discussions about youths' experiences in these systems, teaches participants about the law, and creates campaigns with the youth that they feel will bring the most impact for those affected by these systems. I started working with Juvenile Law Center as its third Philly Fellow. The Philly Fellows program pairs recent college graduates with local non-profits around Philadelphia. Fellows also live with each other in (free!) communal housing. The program is a great way to meet other young people interested in social justice and to get to know the Philadelphia that exists outside of the Penn Bubble. You can reach Brian at mertens.brian@gmail.com.


Eileen McKeown, '10

Eileen McKeown is a currrently a Senior Consultant at Deloitte, working in DC as part of their Federal Practice. At Penn, she was part of Big Brothers Big Sisters and the Netter Center Student Advisory Board. She also holds a Master's in Public Policy, from Georgetown University, where she specialized in Nonprofit Leadership, Education, Social and Family Policy. When asked about her time at Civic House, Eileen says she learned that we can "make an impact on the community if we just try... even if it doesn't look like the "typical" or cookie cutter definition of social impact." Thanks Eileen and congratulations on your achievements!


Peter Krumbhaar, '10

In 2011, Peter completed a 4,073-mile bike journey across Australia, New Zealand, and Europe. His main motivation for undertaking such a long journey was his committment to the organization Neighborhood Bike Works, which is located at 3916 Locust, right next door to Civic House. Peter says, "Cycling changed my life, and Neighborhood Bike Works changes the lives of thousands of children in Philadelphia. Every year they host a fundraising ride titled the Ride of Dreams. I hope to raise attention to this wonderful organization in not just my community, but in the world." At Penn, Peter was involved with ASB and CHAC Exec. He will soon be graduating from dental school and will join the US Navy as a Lieutenant.

Jordan Halpern-Leistner, '10

Jordan is currently pursuing an MBA at Harvard, after spending four years at Silver Lake, a private equity firm. At Penn, Jordan was on the board of West Philadelphia Tutoring Project. Reflecting on his time at Civic House, Jordan says, "though my full-time career interests are not focused on the non-profit or civic worlds, my experiences at Civic House have certainly made me more committed to giving back and have inspired me to remain engaged in the community."


Lany Villalobos, '09

Lany is a Staff Attorney at Philadelphia Legal Assistance where she gives free legal assistance to low income immigrant and migrant farmworkers. Previously, she interned at Greater Philadelphia Coalition Against Hunger and was a case manager for survivors of human trafficking at Catholic Charities of New Orleans. Lany holds a law degree from Villanova University. At Penn, she studied American History, French, and Spanish.


Martha Cooney, '05

Martha Cooney is an early childhood teacher and the founder and director of StoryUP!, an arts organization that works with children of all ages in Philadelphia through interactive storytelling programs. Her work combines her interest in children and youth, urban education, and the arts. At Penn, Martha studied English and was involved with CHAC Exec, PennCorp, Empty the Shelters, and Anti Poverty Action Week.


Alicia (Marini) Bloom, '06

"My involvement at Civic House, which included founding CityStep, truly broadened my horizons and significantly impacted my life. Part of my inspiration to pursue an MSW came from my work in the community and at Civic House." Alicia, besides being the founder of CityStep at Penn, was also a PennCORP director and member of CHAC Exec Board. After graduation, Alicia channeled her passion for service into healthcare. After 7 years of clinical practice in hospice and palliative care, during which Alicia had the privilege of caring for patients with serious illness and their families, both in the inpatient and outpatient setting, she became the Regional Director of Operations & Business Development for VITAS Healthcare's palliative medicine division. Her current role affords her the opportunity to remain connected to patient care.


Michael Mittelman, '03

Michael is a 2003 graduate of the College of Arts and Sciences, where he studied Biological Basis of Behavior. While at Penn, he was involved with CHAC Exec, IFC, and Penn Musicians against Homelessness. Michael "believes in social business for good and in accountability of care." He is the founder and CEO of PHmHealth, a mobile healthcare technology startup aimed at improving efficiency in the home healthcare sector. He's worked with some of the world's largest pharma/biotech companies including Epocrates and PriceSpective to provide pricing, market access, and global launch strategies. He also holds an MBA from Temple University's Fox School of Business.