Connie Miller, Communtiy Engagement Internship

Civic House is My House: Meet Connie Miller!

Civic House: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Connie: Hi, my name is Connie Miller and I am a rising junior from Lancaster, PA. I am majoring in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics in the College. This summer I am an intern at Broad Street Ministry through Civic House's Community Engagement Internship program.

CH: What work or issues does Broad Street Ministry (BSM) focus on? What has your role as an intern been so far?

Connie: Broad Street Ministry is a social service organization that opens its doors six days a week to vulnerable populations of Philadelphia. Besides serving meals, BSM provides a much needed permanent mailing address, personal care items, therapeutic activities, faith based programs, and more. During her time interning at BSM, Connie has worked closely with various individual volunteers and corporate volunteer groups, while also contributing to various transitional and capacity building efforts.

CH: What first sparked your interest in community service and social justice? 

Connie: There was no single moment, there was no longstanding ambition. Through a series of providential events, increased self-awareness, and the encouragement of those around me, I sort of fell into community service.

CH: What has been a highlight of your Community Engagement Internship experience thus far?

Connie: The people have been by far the best aspect of my internship. From our guests to our volunteers and staff, everyone who comes through our doors contributes to an environment of respect and hospitality.