Jessica Kim, Community Engagement Internship


Civic House is My House: Meet Jessica Kim!

Civic House: Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Jess: Hello! My name is Jessica Kim, and I am from a Chicago suburb called Naperville. I will be a sophomore in the fall and study Computer Science in the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Over the summer, I have the awesome opportunity to be interning at HIAS Pennsylvania through Civic House's Community Engagement Internship program.

CH: What work or issues does HIAS Pennsylvania focus on? What has your role as an intern been so far?

Jess: HIAS Pennsylvania provides legal and social services to immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. My internship at HIAS PA has been focused on management and administrative work. I help them by researching various topics, writing policies, and occasionally posting on social media. In the past, I had volunteered at various non-profit organizations, and this sparked my interest to learn more about the management side of non-profits.

CH: What first sparked your interest in community service and social justice?

Jess: Starting my freshmen year in high school, I volunteered at Almost Home Kids and Dupage Children's Museum. These experiences demonstrated to me the passion and dedication behind every staff member and volunteer towards their non-profit organization. Additionally, as a first generation immigrant, my personal experiences ignited my passion for minority groups.

CH: What has been a highlight of your Community Engagement Internship experience thus far?

Jess: One of the highlights of my internship was preparing a HIAS PA themed Jeopardy game for the annual board retreat. When we played it during the retreat, it was a great activity to learn about HIAS PA and bond together. It was great to see the board and staff members interacting in a less business situation. I could really tell that everyone involved really cared and advocated for HIAS PA.