Meet the Board!

Eric Shan

Eric Shan 

Eric Shan is a sophomore from Acton, MA studying Biology. He participated on the 2017 ASB trip to Hendersonville, NC, where he finally satisfied his obsession with Southern cuisine. Now he is on PABoard as the Finance Coordinator, and he hopes to help make PAB more inclusive and widespread! Eric is also involved in immunotherapy research at the medical school and enjoys exploring new places.


Nitay Caspi

Nitay is a Senior from Livingston, NJ, majoring in BBB and Computer Science. He participated in New Orleans 2015 (NOLA!), Austin 2016, and Charlotte 2017. As the former PAB Education Coordinator, Nitay worked on expanding PAB's education curriculum and solidifying the board's commitment to pre-, during-, and post-trip education. As a current trip planner, Nitay hopes to plan some awesome trips and continue to develop our long-term partner relationships. Nitay is also involved in West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, and he does Neuroscience Research. On any given day, Nitay can be found caffeinating and thinking about brains, artificial intelligence, and urban design.

Evangeline Giannopoulos

Evangeline Giannopoulos is a senior from New York studying Communication and Consumer Psychology. She has been involved with PAB in various capacities since her freshman year. This year, she is excited to be the one that plans quizzo (and more) as Fundraising Coordinator. Besides PAB, Evangeline is also very involved with Penn's V-Day movement. You can often find her at Tap House eating a honey goat cheese flatbread or on the Schuylkill trail taking a long walk.

Abby Lee

Abby Lee is a Junior from Saint Paul, MN, majoring in Physics, and minoring in Mathematics and Classical Studies. She participated in Charlotte 2017, and is now the Communication Coordinator. Outside of PAB, Abby is involved with Women's Club Soccer and Penn Symphony Orchestra (but shhhhh... PAB is her favorite). For fun, Abby likes to eat applesauce and obsess about Game of Thrones (season 7!!!).

Thomas Calder 

Thomas Calder is a sophomore in the College from Downingtown, PA studying Health & Societies. He participated in PAB last year, travelling to Marion, SC, and is thrilled to be joining the board this year to work on outreach!

Maddie Leonard

Maddie Leonard is a senior from Pelham, NY majoring in Health & Societies with minors in American Public Policy and International Development. Maddie stumbled into her an PAB info session during her freshman fall, and could never imagined that it would have led her to snorkel for coral reef preservation in Key West, advocate for workers' rights in Austin, build a house in South Carolina and meet some of the most beautiful souls at Penn in the three years since then. Outside of PAB, you can find her running on the Schuylkill, chasing pups around as a volunteer dog walker, talking to people on her Lunch List about what moves them, and sampling an aggressive number of flavors at Ben and Jerry's.


Sarah Murray

Sarah Murray is a senior from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, studying Mathematics with a concentration in Biology. Sarah was a participant on a 2016 Alternative Winter Break trip to the Atlanta Community Food Bank. The experience exposed her to the world of social justice and active citizenship. Since her first trip Sarah has been the Fundraising Coordinator (16-17), a student of an Alternative Break Citizenship School,a site leader of a 2017 PAB trip to Marion SC, and now Co-Director. She is so excited to grow with the program this year and continue PAB's mission. In her free time, Sarah likes to take friends to her favorite parts of Philly and waste an extraordinary amount of time on Spotify.


Emma Shenton

Emma Shenton is a junior studying environmental studies, political science, and urban studies. She grew up in Big Rapids, Michigan. Emma was a participant on the 2016 AWB trip to Maryville, Tennessee where she participated in trail maintenance and homesteading while also learning a bit about the Cherokee culture. She also participated in the 2017 AWB trip to Atlanta, Georgia to work with the Atlanta Community Food Bank. Last year she was the winter break coordinator; this year she is the education coordinator/ board member at large. Emma's hobbies include reading, travelling, playing games, building card towers, enjoying nature, and swinging her nunchucks around.

Maddie Tilyou

Maddie Tilyou (aka Tads) is a junior from the South Coast of Australia. She is studying Biology with a concentration in Ecology. Her greatest passions in life are pursuing environmental justice, playing with her dog Smorse, and eating copious amounts of peanut butter. Maddie discovered PAB through one of her PennGreen leaders and past PABoard members (s/o to Grace)! When she traveled to Alamosa, CO over Spring Break '16 she had no idea how central PAB would become to her Penn experience. Last year she served as Communications Coordinator on PABoard and a site leader for a spring break trip to Hendersonville NC. This fall she will be studying abroad in *INSERT PLACE* …

me in chi town.jpg

Cassidy Mazurek

Cassidy Mazurek is a sophomore from Brookfield, WI, studying French. Last year she went to Woodland Harvest Mountain Farm in Boone, North Carolina, and is excited to help with planning spring trips as part of board this year!

Thomas Buckingham 

Thomas Buckingham is a senior from the small town of Millstone, NJ, studying Biology and Statistics with a minor in Chemistry. Tom went to Atlanta, GA with PAB his sophomore year and was inspired by both his great site leaders, and fellow participants to site lead a trip (with Co-Directors Sarah and Maddie!!) to Marion, SC. Having flown and driven, while also unable to leave PAB behind his senior year, Tom is excited to be Travel Coordinator this year.

Maddie Dahlin 

Maddie Dahlin is a senior from Beverly, MA majoring in PPE. She has been a part of PAB since her freshman year, and it has been an important place of growth in her understanding of social justice and community building. She participated in two trips focused on affordable housing in Highpoint, NC and Lynchburg, VA; and went on a trip to Atlanta, GA to learn about food justice. This year she is education & training coordinator with the help of Emma and Maddie T! Maddie enjoys tossing a frisbee in the park, beach days down the shore, and snuggling with her stuffed animals.

Allison Schwartz

Allison Schwartz is a senior from Narberth, PA studying Networked and Social Systems Engineering. She participated in PAB this past year on the Hendersonville trip and was inspired by the immediate community that formed within her group and the level of collaboration they were able to have with the community. She's excited to be planning PAB's winter trips this year and to share her banana-filled memories with others. Outside of PAB, Allison can be found riding her bike or eating sweet potatoes.