Applications for penncorp participants are now CLOSED. 

PennCORP introduces students to the Philadelphia community through community engagement projects, interactive social justice workshops, and thoughtful dialogue and reflection about the social issues affecting the Philadel­phia community. The program also exposes students to direct service, advocacy and organizing opportunities available to them as Penn students. PennCORP is organized by Civic House, a civic engagement center at Penn.

Do I Need Experience?

PennCORP participants are students are passionate about social justice issues, interested in understanding their new community, wish to engage in critical reflection about their motivations for doing community work and want to become part of a community committed to the common good. No specific experience is necessary to apply, although many PennCORP participants have been involved in service and social justice work in high school.

Who Leads the Program?

Penn students who have had considerable experience in community service, civic engagement and advocacy through Civic House and other centers on campus coordinate and lead the program.

What Do We Do During the Program?

PennCORP provides a unique and exciting experience for students interested in becoming involved with the Philadelphia community. Participants explore relevant social issues such as urban education, food justice, and poverty through collaboration with community members and discussions with Penn staff and faculty. Programming includes volunteer projects with our community partners, social justice workshops, conversations with community members, tours, and evening social activities. PennCORP introduces students to the social, political, and historical perspectives of the Philadelphia area while highlighting the vibrant, culturally rich aspects of the community.


A $375.00 fee will cover all lodging, meals, transportation, materials, and activities. Financial assistance is available to eligible students who qualify for financial aid through Penn.

To learn more, please see the  Penn Pre-Orientation website.


"PennCORP was a great gateway to my journey at UPenn. I learned so much in just a few short days. The discussions and reflections pushed me to really think about how I can continue to make a difference.  Plus, I formed friendships with people whom I may have never met outside the program, and it has given me a new home on campus: Civic House."

"PennCORP is a great opportunity to meet people who are passionate about social justice issues and want to be a force of positive change to the world around them. Our workshops helped us look at social movements and our identity that really helped me gain perspective on my community and the role I can play."