"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world."     - Nelson Mandela

Civic Scholars participate in a unique seminar experience during the freshman and sophomore years where they explore topics related to social issues and civic engagement experiences.  The proseminar is a non-graded forum for first- and second-year Civic Scholars to come together for a shared intellectual experience.  The discussions are facilitated by staff and second year Civic Scholars, and sessions often include faculty, community members, and other guest speakers.

The proseminar meets eight to ten times each semester and discussions are focused on particular themes. Previous years' themes have been:

  • Relationships: Privilege, Authenticity & Civic Engagement
  • Service and Activism: Perspectives on Civic Engagement
  • The Politics of Health
  • Schooling in a Democratic Society: Dilemmas & Prospects
  • Poverty: Theory and Policy
  • Citizenship: Past, Present, Future

Gutmann Proseminar