What are you currently doing with Civic House?

  • With Civic House, I am part of the Community Engagement Internship program. Through this program, I am interning with HIAS Pennsylvania - a non-profit organization that provides legal and social services to refugees, immigrants, and asylum seekers. More specifically, my internship focuses on non-profit management. Everyday at my internship, I am learning more about HIAS PA's work, the realities of our clients, and the non-profit sector.

What are your major(s)/field(s) of interest/career goals?

  • I am currently concentrating in Marketing and Management at Wharton. Marketing is my main area of interest and I would love to pursue a career in it. After graduation, I think pursuing a career as a consultant specializing in marketing would be a great combination of my interest in marketing while still giving me the flexibility to learn about different industries and fields.

What are you involved with at Penn beyond Civic House?

  • Beyond Civic House, I am involved in Women in Computer Science (WiCS) as the VP of External Communications and Marketing, the VP of Marketing for FemmeHacks (Philadelphia's all-women hackathon), a member of the Daily Pennsylvanian's Marketing Committee, and as a Project Manager for MUSE Community Service Consulting - Wharton's premier marketing club.

What do you enjoy most out of your internship/what is your main takeaway?

  • I enjoy the familial environment the HIAS PA staff has with one another the most. Everyone genuinely cares for the well-being of each staff member and offers support in times of need and celebration in times of achievement. Even the interns are treated like family! When I started my internship in the academic year, everyone welcomed me back and was happy to see me. Another aspect of my internship that I enjoy the most is experiencing the dedication and passion of the staff. Everyone is 100% dedicated in helping our clients and will do everything in their power to make it happen.

Would you recommend this to other students/how would you encourage other students to get involved?

  • I would completely recommend this internship program to any student, even those who are not interested in the non-profit sector. As an intern of a non-profit organization, you get so much responsibility from the very first day. HIAS PA and other non-profit organizations, genuinely value the work and effort that interns do. If I was interning at a big corporation, I would have never been given the opportunity or responsibility to do some of the things I do at HIAS PA. Also, interning at a non-profit opens your eyes to some of the injustices of the world and how people are trying to solve it. I was pretty ignorant of the refugee crisis before starting my internship. All I heard about refugees and immigrants were negative stories from the media, and thus, had misconceptions of these people. Throughout my time interning, I realized that refugees and immigrants are more than the one-dimensional story that the media and politicians like to tell. My internship has made me so much more aware and active about helping solve the injustices that exists today.