Meet Our Co-Directors: Cindy Reyes & Jamie Wang


Cindy Reyes

Hey everyone!

I'm very excited to be spending my summer in Philadelphia this year. Besides the fact that Philly is a great place to be during this time of year, I'm also looking forward to working closely with Civic House this summer to make the PennCORP pre-orientation program a success.

As an intern, I will be combining my interests in social justice, community engagement, and program organization in order to engage future CORPies with the Philadelphia community. I hope to work closely with Jamie and the rest of the Civic House staff in order to create a successful learning environment where our incoming Quakers can gain a meaningful understanding of what productive community engagement and service learning can look like.

Having just finished my first year of college about a month ago, I recognize just how important it is to be coming into Penn following a pre-freshman program. The connections you make and lessons you learn lay the groundwork for an easier transition into Penn. Now, I'm excited to be helping make the pre-freshman experience a positive and impactful one through PennCORP.

Besides PennCORP specifics, Jamie and I are excited to know the other community engagement interns, working on the Civic House newsletter and website, and developing our learning about social justice education.


Jamie Wang

Hi all!

Hope you are having a wonderful summer so far. I am Jamie Wang, and I am one of the Civic House interns this summer responsible for programming and directing the PennCORP program. Before coming to Penn to study business at Wharton, I grew up in the suburbs of Atlanta, GA, where I gained a strong appreciation for peaches, waffles, and grits.

Growing up in the South, I came across a lot of social issues and causes that shaped my view of the world. In high school, my interest were all over the place - from the use of technology for social causes, to women's equality, to LGBTQ+ activism, etc. Today, at Penn, while I am still unsure of the path I plan to take, I've found value in the process of learning - both academically and more organically from the people and environment that I am surrounded by, creating strong honest relationships. I live my life by the motto of "finding comfort in discomfort", and I am passionate about sustainable development, understanding identity, and creating equal access to education.

My goal for PennCORP is to create an environment of open discussion and convey an outlook of growth for the CORPies. Penn is a unique and challenging environment to be in, and I want to make it easier for incoming freshmen to keep themselves and their communities in mind wherever their paths here may end up.

To learn more about my experiences working this summer as a PennCORP Director at Civic House, check out our PennCORP 2018 Blog!