Position: Civic House Programming Intern

Location: Civic House - University of Pennsylvania

Compensation:  $3,500 stipend

Length of employment:                May 23 - August 21

Time Commitment:         May 23 - August 19: Approx. 30 hours/week

August 19 - 25: more hours required

Wrap-Up at Civic House (Possible 1-2 days additional wrap-up in next week)

Position Description: Civic House is hiring two Programming Interns for Summer 2016. The Programming Intern will mainly provide support to Civic House's social justice education programming, the developing of partnerships with community organizations, and the PennCORP pre-orientation program.

Civic House has recently committed to an organization-wide alignment featuring a social justice framework. The Programming Interns will help continue to build and expand upon the Social Justice 101 Curriculum that is being designed this spring. In collaboration with full-time staff, the Programming Interns will plan and develop the launch of the Social Justice 101 curriculum for Fall 2016. Additionally, the Programming Interns will help to build partnerships with community organizations by conducting site visits and participating in the Community Engagement Internship Program.

Lastly, each Programming Intern will serve as the PennCORP Student Co-Director and will work collaboratively with Civic House staff in planning, developing and implementing the PennCORP program, which includes community service projects, social justice workshops, and social activities.  The Programming Intern will also be responsible for all of the program logistics, which includes planning for food, creating schedules, coordinating transportation, etc.  In addition, the Programming Intern will help to select program participants and facilitate communication with them leading up to PennCORP, during PennCORP, and beyond.  Along with full-time staff, the Programming Intern will also be responsible for helping to select and train student leaders who will be responsible for leading participants throughout the PennCORP program, and will be on duty throughout the program to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Finally, the PennCORP Student Director will be responsible for conducting any additional follow-up activities that are required, including post-program correspondence, evaluation, etc. 


  • Experience with social justice workshop development, civic engagement, service and advocacy at Penn and/or work in service-learning/Academically Based Community Service classes. 
  • Familiarity with the Philadelphia area and/or local nonprofits and demonstrated ability to work with community partners.
  • Willingness to take initiative
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills.
  • Demonstrated ability with event/project planning and execution.
  • Experience facilitating group discussions and workshops
  • Ability to train/supervise peer volunteer PennCORP leaders.

Additional Time Commitment:  In addition to working in the summer months, PennCORP requires a small amount of time during the spring to prepare for programming.  During the end of the Spring 2016 semester, the Programming Interns will be required to spend a few hours supporting Civic House staff in the selection of PennCORP Student Leaders, as well as planning for and orienting student leaders during a meeting the afternoon of Friday, April 29, 2016.

Application available here. Please submit your application via PennLink (ID: 821762) by Monday, March 21st.