Meet Our Student Staff 2017-2018!


Lexy Chavez

Sharing Our Story & Student Storage 

Indianapolis, IN

Major: Health and Societies

Fun Fact: I only have one kidney.

At Civic House, I participated in PennCORP and Social Justice 101 and am now a Programming Assistant. You can catch me at Civic House in scrubs working on features covering students for our newsletter with Aaliyah. I enjoy being at Civic House because of its dedication to social justice and community engagement.

I am interested in public health and hope to be a doctor one day.

I am passionate about health disparities and healthcare policy in low-income communities.

You can reach me at


Bri Rodriguez

Campus Collaborations & PennCORP

New York City/Northern NJ

Majors: Urban Studies & Sociology 

Pronouns: They/them/theirs/themself

Two fun facts: I have 3 amazing roommates (one is Yary) and I also longboard.

I was the Former Summer Programming Interm/PennCORP Co-Director for the 2017 session and this will be my 2nd year as a Program Assistant at Civic House. I am also a Civic Scholar and participate on the Civic Scholars Advisory Board. 

You can reach me at


Clare Connaughton

Faculty Engagement & Social Media/ Communications

Mineola, NY

Major:Urban Studies and Political Science with a concentration in International Relations

I have studied abroad in India, Brazil, and Senegal and was a participant in PennCORP 2014, a Student Leader in 2015 and 2017, and a co-director in 2016. I am also part of the Civic Scholars Class of 2018, participated in a Penn Alternative Breaks trip to Austin, Texas in 2016, and currently co-facilitate Social Justice 101.

I enjoy facilitating social justice education workshops, supporting student staff and social media. 

My main interests are supporting FGLI students, critical and sustainable development & immigrant human rights.

You can reach me at


Tatiana Johnson

Campus Collaborations & PennCORP

Bronx, NY

Desired Major:  Sociology and Economics.

Fun fact: J. Lo went to my high school.

I'm a former PennCorp participant and I am now a Civic Scholar. My hobbies/ interests include listening to music, watching films, writing and sleeping. I'm also a good listener and communicator.

I am passionate about causes concerning reproductive justice, equal opportunity, black women's rights and sexual assault, harassment and exploitation issues.

You can reach me at


Aaliyah Meacham

Sharing Our Story & Social Justice Library

Carmel, NY

Major: Philosophy, politics and economics with a concentration in distributive justice

Fun Fact: I have two spleens!

I serve on the executive board of Big Brothers Big Sisters and for Peer Advising in the College of Arts and Sciences. I went on the Alliance for Understanding spring break trip 2017 through Greenfield Intercultural Center, which exposed me to the vast history of collaboration among African Americans and Jews in the fight for civil rights. In my free time, you might catch me watching CNN or online shopping. Joining Civic House this semester has helped to broaden my aspirations for service on and off campus.

You can reach me at:


Johany Dubon

Event Coordination &Space Reservations 

Houston, TX

Major: Political Science

Fun Fact: I met Zendaya at the Women's March in D.C. 

On a day to day basis I perform basic office duties and help keep the House a nice and welcoming space. Last year one of my biggest projects was helping to plan the Senior and Alumni Reception. I enjoy being at Civic House because the work allows me to collaborate with both my peers and my supervisors. 

My skills and interests are in politics, reading non fiction, and The Flash. 

I am passionate about education policy and  issues related to first-generation & low income communities. 

You can reach me at


Madison Pettaway

Event Coordination & Social Media/ Communications

Providence, RI

Desired Major (previous studies): Urban Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Fun Fact: I can speak, read, and write German at a very basic level

 At Civic House, I am a Program Assistant, Civic Scholar, and I participated in PennCorp. I'm at Civic House because I really love the people and I like its focus on community engagement from a social justice lens. I love theatre, reading, and laughing.

I'm passionate about fighting and organizing against gender, racial, and educational inequality. I'm still trying to figure out in which ways I wish to approach fighting for justice in those areas.

You can reach me at


Lemoine Joseph

Graduate Assistant & Program Coordiantor (WPTP)

Williamsville, NY

Major: Higher Education, Previous (Mathematics & Chemistry)

Fun Fact: I don't have a middle name.

My primary role at Civic House is to serve as the Program Coordinator for the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project. I really appreciate working at Civic house because of the critical lens that both the students and staff have when engaging in work with the West Philadelphia community.

My interests and skills fall in facilitation, event planning, and peer mentoring. I am passionate about education inequity & racial identity formation.

You can reach me at .