Frequently Asked Questions

Regarding SMP Application Process

Who should apply?The Provost Summer Mentorship Program seeks students dedicated to furthering their education, while exploring the five professional schools (Dental Medicine, Engineering, Law, Medicine, and Nursing) affiliated with the Program. Students must be willing to attend the entire four-week program, and to take all learning expereiences as a welcome opportunity at higher education.

Who is eligble for the Program?SMP is seeking current 10th graders for admission. In order to be considered eligible for the Program, the student must be enrolled in a public or charter school within the Philadelphia School District. Students enrolled in private or Catholic schools are not eligble for this program.

When is the application made available? When is it due?The applications for the 2017 Provost Summer Mentorship Program will be made available online as of February 10, 2017. To be considered for admissionto the program, a completed application must be received no later than April 7, 2017 at 5:00pm. It is important to note that no faxed applications will be accepted. The application must be mailed via US Postage or hand delivered to our office and received by the above due date. Applications will be available online via the link on the homepage.

Where should I send my application?Applications can be adressed or hand-delivered to:

2014 Provost Summer Mentorship Program
University of Pennsylvania
220 South 40th Street, Suite 260
Philadelphia, PA, 19104

What is the admission process like?Admission into the Provost Summer Mentorship Program consists of two parts . First, a completed application must be submitted for review by the SMP Staff. Once all the eligble applications have been reviewed, particular candidates will be selected and contacted for an interview. Based on these interviews, and a second review of applications, admitted students will then be selected and notified of their admission to the Program.

Is SMP a residential program?The Provost Summer Mentorship program is not residential. Admitted students are required to commute daily to and from the program. To facilitate this, the Program will provide admitted students with a SEPTA Transpass.

Further questions pertaining to the SMP Application Process?

 Please feel free to call our office!

(215) - 746 - 8242

Thank You & Good Luck!