What is Stemmp?

STEMMP (Science, Technology, and Math Mentorship Program) was formally launched in January 2010 to provide students who completed our feeder program, the Provost's Summer Mentorship Program (SMP), with additional support during the academic year. For SMP to achieve its mission, all students graduate from high school on-time and are prepared to matriculate at a post-secondary institution. It is critical for students to also attend supplemental academic and life skills programs throughout their sophomore, junior and senior years. STEMMP's bi-weekly sessions are highly individualized and intentionally designed to meet the academic and developmental needs of 10th, 11th and 12th graders who come from first generation or under-represented groups.

All participants engage in STEM workshops and/or classes throughout the program. In addition, all participants receive extensive mentoring from Penn undergraduate students; these passionate scholars provide a unique and cultivating mentoring system that sustains participants throughout the longevity of the program and beyond.

 STEMMP Activites:

  1. Provide comprehensive, academic year support (September-April) for 65 students annually:
    1. High School Completion: intensive tutoring and academic counseling
    2. Post-Secondary Enrollment: intensive college entrance assistance (SAT prep, college selection, applications, college tours, financial aid, scholarships)
    3. Life Skills: journaling, mentoring and networking with an emphasis on the transition to college and the examined life
  2. Math Boot Camp: intensive tutoring support to build basic numerical literacy skills
  3. Essay Writing: weekly writing component emphasizing admission essays and scholarly compositions
  4. Social Networking: employing current and former participants to manage our current virtual network (Facebook, SMP site)
  5. Bi-Annual Partnership Meetings: strengthen program's partnership and coordination with local high schools

Highlight of 2015

In 2015, STEMMP had the amazing opportunity of volunteering with the Salvation Army as a public health initiative. During the summer, STEMMP students participated in a Health and Nutrition Module, instructed by UPenn's Nursing Student and SMP Alumni Miranda Brickle. In the module, the participants learned about social determinants of health and how these factors affected chronic disease. In addition, the students also learned about how chronic disease can be influenced by nutrition. STEMMP then presented this knowledge to a group of children at the Salvation Army over the course of two weeks. The facility loved the presentations so much that STEMMP was invited to come back and volunteer during the summer of 2016. STEMMP is currently being taught a Health and Wellness Module with additional support from Monica Phann, who is also a UPenn Nursing Student and STEMMP Alumni. With the knowledge gained from this module, STEMMP participants hope to bring awareness to the various chronic diseases plaguing Philadelphia while also offering support and possible preventive measures that can be applied in both the short and the long term.

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