SMP Statistics:

  • Since 2009, 255 SMP alumni (STEMMP included) out of 276 SMP alumni are either currently enrolled at or have graduated from a postsecondary institution.
  • Since 2009, 21 total SMP alumni (STEMMP included) are either currently enrolled at or have graduated from the University of Pennsylvania.

For additonal information pertaining to the application process or to our supplemental program STEMMP, see the links below.


    Participating Schools

    When applying to the University of Pennsylvania's Provost Summer Mentorship Program, high school students have the option of choosing three of the five programs available to explore and experience. Click the link to learn more about our participating schools!



    The STEMMP (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics Mentorship Program) is a key part of the Penn Compact in providing the Philadelphia community with innovative programming for high school completion and college attainment. Click the lick to learn more about this supplemental program!


    SMP Spotlight

    SMP and STEMMP alumni are doing amazing things. Click this link to check out the highlights of the year!


    Contact SMP

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