Educational Talent Search Services

Academic Advising

* Information about post secondary school admissions and selection * Visits to local colleges and universities * Assistance with SAT registration and preparation * Academic assessments and tutorial referrals * Study skill and time management workshops * College essay, personal statement, and creative writing support *

Career guidance

* Career exploration workshops * Career shadowing opportunities * Resume writing support * Mentoring with Penn undergraduates *

Financial AId counseling

* Workshops to assist with personal financial management * Support with applying for financial aid for post secondary education (FAFSA & PHEAA) * Assistance with applying and searching for scholarships and grants * Budgeting and financial planning support *

    grade-specific activities

    GRADE 6
    FOCUS: Ensuring a smooth transition into middle school.
    Classes and individual sessions on developing school
    identity and friendships, self-esteem and self-concept,
    skills for appreciating differences and college
    GRADE 7
    FOCUS: Setting goals, time management & study skills development.
    Classes and individual sessions on resume writing,
    vocabulary development, and career and college
    GRADE 8
    FOCUS: Developing a high school plan towards being college ready by graduation.
    Classes and individual sessions on transition from
    middle to high school, academic survival skills,
    decision making and leadership skills, college
    awareness, and visits to area colleges.
    GRADE 9
    FOCUS: Developing basic academic & test-taking skills.
    Individual and group sessions on academic
    assessment, academic enrichment information, tutorial
    referrals, shadow day, time management and study
    skills, as well as college tours.
    GRADE 10
    FOCUS: Career exploration
    Individual and group sessions on academic
    assessment, & tutorial referrals, academic enrichment,
    career exploration, and college visits.
    GRADE 11
    FOCUS: Exploring postsecondary options and the admissions process.
    Individual and group sessions on researching
    colleges and scholarships, academic assessment and
    enrichment/tutorial program referrals, college and
    college fair visitations.
    GRADE 12
    FOCUS: College & financial aid application process and preparation.
    Individual and group sessions on SAT registration,
    scholarship searches, college applications, admissions
    process, FAFSA workshops, college essay writing,
    senior project monitoring, academic assessment and
    tutorial referrals, assistance completing financial aid