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Marcella Stokes

University of Pennsylvania's Veterans Upward Bound Alumna, a VUB Math Science Alumna from Montana State University,

2002 and 2003 Graduate of The Community College of Philadelphia in General Science and Technology and in Engineering and Science

2008 Graduate of Drexel University in Mechanical Engineering, and a Project Manager and Contract Officer Representative for the U.S. General Service Administration in Atlanta, GA

Even before attending The Veterans Upward Bound Program at theUniversity of Pennsylvania, Marcella Stokes was highly accomplished whileserving in the U.S. Army from 1989-1997. She was stationed in Honduras, Japan, throughout Europe and Kuwait.  She was a Specialist across severalcapacities including her final assignment with the Corps of Engineers beforereceiving her honorable discharge.


Marcella was enrolled in VUB from 1997-1998.  She was a highly responsible and exceptionalstudent.  She is an intelligent woman whois not only a self-starter and hard worker she is also highly organized, detailoriented, and resourceful. She has an incredible amount of enthusiasm anddetermination.  She is diligent andresponsible.  She is a passionate woman with high ideals.  She has immenseconcern for humanity and the world in which she lives and she gives her all inevery area of her life.  She brought tolight leadership qualities by motivating and inspiring classmates. She continuedto do this as a VUB Program Assistant. Of note, Marcella was chosen from among her classmates to attend the VUB Math/Science Program in Montana in 1998, where she was highly successful. 


Upon her return from the Montana VUB Math Science Program Marcellaenrolled into the Community College of Philadelphia.  It was there that she soared to thestars!  She did exceptionally well andearned two associate degrees:  In 2002she earned an A.S. in General Science and Technology and in 2003 she earned anA.S. in Engineering and Science.    Upon graduation from CCP Marcella enrolledinto Drexel University.  In 2008 shereceived her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Throughout her education Marcella absorbed herself into research.   While attending CCP Marcella was a SummerResearch Scholar in the University of Pennsylvania's National ScienceFoundation.  She created and presented a"Wheel Chair Mounted Robot Arms"; was involved in the Bridges Scholar Programwith Temple University and conducted FDA experiments; 2001-2007 she was aScholar with Research Experience for Undergraduates at Drexel University; shehas presented on her research; she has served on several boards and panels; shesupported the YMCA Achiever's Program for high school students after graduatingfrom Drexel; and she has served on multiple professional organizations,including becoming the Founding President of the National Society of Engineersat CCP.


Ms. Stokes is thriving in her career. She has strategically built her career over the years to where she istoday as a Project Manager in Atlanta, GA, Contract Officer Representative forthe U.S. General Service Administration. Ms. Stokes manages over $10M in projects and takes on multiplecomprehensive duties. 


Marcella Stokes is a genuinely remarkable woman. She is humble and kind,calm and thoughtful in every aspect of her life.  Marcella is always grateful and appreciative of what TRIO has offered her and brought to her life.  She fully recognizes that her life has been positively enhanced, and forever will bechanged, because of the opportunity given to her to fulfill her educational goals through the TRIO Veterans Upward Bound Program at the University ofPennsylvania. 

Marcella Stokes


University of Pennsylvania's     Veterans Upward Bound Alumna,                                   a VUB Math Science Alumna from Montana