Computer 100 will focus on keyboard use, software and hardware components, file management, how to save, delete, rename and find files. Use the Internet, set up and use an email account and submit work via email, have a basic under-standing of Word and write a short paper.

Students in Computer 200 will create and manipulate spreadsheets, learn format features, use formula functions, sort data, perform "what if" analysis, create charts, and track information. Students will also create presentations (Power Point) and graphs.  They will use  the Internet for research and as an analytical tool. Finally they will submit two projects:  a stock market database and a power point presentation that corresponds with their Literature 200 class.

Students who desire greater levels of analysis and problem solving will take Computer 300 course work. They will do presentations that lead teams through mini-projects to build analytical and problem solving skills. They will complete a project using subject matter that is appropriate for a spread-sheet application and that will enhance performance in another subject.