Language Lab 100 students will focus on parts of speech, punctuation, capitalization, phrases, clauses, sentence types, constructing a well-ordered written argument. They will diagram sentences.  Progress is measured by weekly writing, spelling, tests, essays and speeches.

Language Lab 200 students will learn to organize, draft, revise, proofread and edit materials. They will learn the components of diverse forms of writing and produce a variety of weekly essays.  They will prepare, present, and evaluate speeches and use effective verbal and non-verbal communication skills.  At the end of the semester they will complete and present a 500-word essay.

Students interested in additional work may participate in Language Lab 300.  These students will learn the fundamentals of writing an MLA formatted research paper with 4-5 scientific references.  They will complete background reading, have a clear thesis statement, critically read empirically based journals, create outlines, and make a supported argument through drafts and a 5 page final paper.