Throughout the year, the Greenfield Intercultural Center hosts many events to promote intercultural awareness and understanding. In addition to the numerous events organized by GIC sponsored student groups, the GIC holds a Fall Open House, Fall Harvest, Wellness Days and a Senior and Alumni Brunch.

GIC Events

Fall Open HouseCelebrate the start of the new school year at the GIC with music, and delicious ethnic food! Reconnect with old friends and be introduced to new ones! For more info contact Patricia Soria at

Fall Break

Food Services at the GIC

The GIC Community Kitchen Food Pantry
The GIC's Community Kitchen, with a fully stocked food pantry, will be available for students to use at any point during our hours of operation.

Thursday Night Community Dinner
Thursday evening at 6PM the GIC will be hosting a community dinner for all students who will still be on campus. Come through for a delicious meal cooked by our staff! This is also a perfect time to come and grab food from the pantry to bring back to your residences!

Senior and Alumni BrunchAll are welcome as GIC celebrates another year of building intercultural communities at Penn and cheers on the graduating class. Meet alumni who were trailblazers in creating the innovative programs and services for students at the University. Get to know the newest class of alumni and mingle with families.

Wellness DayOn the third Friday of each month, the center celebrates Wellness Day. The Penn community is invited to take a break, eat healthy food, connect with friends, and destress...Read more

GIC Sponsored Student Group Events

Annual PowwowNatives at Penn's annual Powwow takes place every year, on the last Saturday of March. For more information please see Natives at Penn website:

Celebration of CulturesCelebration of Cultures is UMC's signature spring event. This is a celebration of cultural diversity on Penn's campus. At this event, we invite each of our constituent groups to bring a food item and/or activity that is reflective of their culture. Celebration of Cultures also involves performances from a myriad of cultural performances from different arts groups. The purpose of Celebration of Cultures is to highlight the amazingly diverse cultures here at Penn, both world cultures and Penn microcultures. For the first time, we are inviting groups outside of our constituent groups to participate because we want to create a stronger sense of community at Penn through interculturalism.

Native American Heritage MonthNovember is Native American Heritage Month which aims to provide a platform for native people to share their culture, traditions, music, crafts, dance, and ways and concepts of life.

Unity MonthUnity Month is UMC's signature fall programming. This month is dedicated to a myriad of events that center around the UMC's mission. Some past example's of events have included a social, which aims to bridge the West Philadelphia and Penn communities, Diversity in Careers event, which includes dialogue about obstacles to minorities in the career field, a Culture Day, which is where we will partner with constituent groups to hold a culture day for elementary school students in Lea elementary, One Mic, an arts-based event which will allow any students speak about their perspective on interculturalism, and keynote speakers, who have ranged from Chuck D to Valarie Kaur.

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