"Without the GIC, I wouldn't have been able to successfully navigate the many pressures of Penn as well as the hardships I've encountered. In this intercultural center, I've found a family, a support system that takes my success and failures-personally." - Andrew Thomas '09

With a generous donation by the Albert M. Greenfield Foundation and the renovation of a 140 year old house, the Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC) was officially opened on January 27th, 1984. This calendar year, 2014, will mark our 30th Anniversary.  Since its founding, the GIC has been a home away from home for students from all backgrounds interested in intercultural programming and dialogue. The GIC promotes institution-wide dialogues that raise awareness of the rich traditions and diversity within the Penn community, while encouraging students to understand the importance of building a strong intercultural community at Penn.

The GIC supports numerous student groups, including program funding and implementation, offers courses and workshops that develop cultural competency skills to the Penn community, and leaderhip opportunities that bring together domestic and international students.

The GIC Fund for Programs and Services is intended to assure that the GIC can continue to provide the broadest range and highest quality of intercultural education to prepare Penn students for the 21st century workplace. 

Thank you for your support of this important campus initiative!

You can also make a gift directly to our newly established First-Generation, Low-Income Program. This program provides a supportive and inclusive learning environment for scholars from low-income backgrounds who are the first in their families to attend college. Funds raised are used to help populate our textbook library and food pantry, and support programming for FGLI students on topics such as interview preparation, financial planning, career pathways, alumni mentorship, and much more. The FGLI program also supports the student organization Penn First, and partners with resource centers across VPUL and the University to build a community for our FGLI population.