Videos Produced by the GIC

Videos Produced & Distributed by the GIC

To obtain a copy of any of these videos, email or send a $25 check made out to the Trustees of the University of Pennsylvania to 3708 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia PA, 19104. For any questions or additional information, contact us at (215) 898-3358.

  • Telling Stories, Constructing Narratives: Gender Equity and Archaeology (DVD, 2007)

A documentary about equity issues faced by women in practice of archaeology.  The film is divided into four sections; the first on Mentorship, Chilly Climate and the Glass Ceiling; the second on Life in the Field; the third on Juggling a Family; and the fourth a section on Strategies for coping with such inequity.  The film is based on percentages from the 2003 Needs Assessment Survey conducted by the Society for American Archaeology.

  • All-Ivy Native Council Spring Conference: Raising Visibility & Voice (DVD, 27 minutes, 2007)

University of Pennsylvania's Native American student group, Six Directions, hosted the fourth annual All-Ivy Native Council's spring conference April 20-22, 2007.  The title of the event was "Raising Visibility and Voice."  The conference brought together 120+ Native American students from across the Ivy League and other Mid-Atlantic area colleges, as well as 14 prominent indigenous intellectuals from across the continent.  Listening, teaching, learning, and honoring were important themes throughout the weekend-long event.  This DVD explores the experiences of conference participants, and in doing so provides important documentation of the event, a first of its kind in Penn's history. 

  • Heart to Heart: Conversations with Arab Americans in Philadelphia (VHS, 52 minutes, 2002)

From Heart to Heart is a documentary featuring Arab Americans living in the Philadelphia area.  Embedding the film in a larger context, that of September 11's tragic events and its somber aftermath, the video hopes to capture the sentiments and concerns of this largely misunderstood ethnic minority.  The hope is that this film will serve as an educational instrument, allowing the voices of the often-overlooked to describe the complexities of being Arab in the United States today.  The stories of Arabs and Arab Americans spanning different generations, countries of origin and perspectives are woven together to create a rich tapestry.

  • The Other Side of Perfect (VHS/DVD, 2003)

This documentary was produced by the Race Dialogue Project in order to explore race relations at Penn.  It was featured prominently in White Week, a 2006 campus-wide event that explored issues of race, privilege, and class inside and outside of the Penn community.

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