Services for students include: advising, event planning and support, organizational development and funding for student programs.

Services for Penn staff and community clients include: consulting, workshop design and implementation, event promotion, and collaborative projects.

Members of the Penn community are also welcome to use the Center's space for meetings and events.

If you are interested in planning an event, offering a workshop on diversity issues, or getting involved in building a culturally aware and integrated campus, do not hesitate to contact us at

gic resources

Meeting and Event SpaceTo support various educational, cultural, and social programs, the GIC can accommodate meetings and programs. LEARN MORE

Student AdvisingThe GIC staff offers mentoring and consultation for students, especially those involved in leadership at Penn. Please contact Vanessa Iyua at for more information.

Community CollaborationGIC organizes graduate schools and high schools programming and visits in collaboration with local communities" with "GIC works with community organizations and local schools to create intercultural events and workshops.

ConsultingGIC staff offers consultation for colleagues and students interested in planning intercultural events and workshops.

Event PromotionThe GIC is proud to support and promote organizations and individuals who are passionate about intercultural awareness, education and activism. Please submit your event information HERE (Pennkey Required) or send to Vanessa Iyua at

Funding for Student ProgramsThe GIC is proud to support and promote student programs and organizations. Please contact Valerie De Cruz at for more information.

Workshop Design and ImplementationThe GIC staff offers consultation for workshop design and implementation as well as creates intercultural workshops by request. LEARN MORE

Catering Recommendations
View GIC Catering recommendations located in Philadelphia that provides creative and affordable catering services to the Greater Philadelphia area. VIEW HERE

penn & university life resources for students

Academic & Career 
University Life supports the successes of Penn students in and out of the classroom, on campus and across the world. Learn about and visit the following resources: Career Services, Weingarten Learning Resources Center, Tutoring Center, and PENNCAP. LEARN MORE

Health & Wellness
University Life helps to keep students well and ready to achieve. Learn about and visit the following resources: Student Health Service, Counseling and Psychological Services, Student Disabilities Services, Student Intervention ServicesPenn Violence Prevention and Alcohol and Other Drugs Program Initiatives. LEARN MORE

Financial Aid 
Penn Compact 2020 illustrates the University's commitment to increasing access and diversity. Penn strives to meet the full financial need of traditional undergraduate students with an all-grant aid policy and is dedicated to strengthening financial aid for graduate and professional students. Learn about and visit the following resources: Student Financial Services, Scholarship and Grants and Emergency Assistance

Campus & Community
On campus and in the community, University Life embodies the co-curricular experience. Learn about and visit the following resources: Penn Student Activities, Cultural Resources Centers and Equity & Access Programs. LEARN MORE

Low Income/First Generation Student Resources
Penn offers additional resources and supports that may be helpful for low-income or first-generation students. The website provides links to services, support, and administrative contacts to assist you with any concerns. LEARN MORE