Latinx Coalition

Latinx Coalition promotes and advances the agenda of Latinx students at the University of Pennsylvania through collaboration with the University's policy making bodies.


In 1996, a group of conscientious Latinx students realized that they should take decisive action. Latinxs at the University of Pennsylvania were and are grossly underrepresented at all levels: students, faculty, and administrators. To develop a unified voice and a comprehensive strategy to deal with under-representation, we formed a coalition of five Latino student organizations. We, the Latinx Coalition, now consist of 24 groups. These organizations have missions that range from cultural, professional, honor, arts, and social.

The 2018 Latinx Coalition Executive Board


Chair of External Affairs Camill Fernandez

Chair of internal Maritza Hernandez

Chair of Finance - Melissa Perez

Chair of Programming - Ariana Hurtado

Chair of Operations - Karen Herrera

Chair of Admission - Mercedes Chavez

The 2017 Latinx Coalition Executive Board


Chair of External Affairs - Caleb Diaz 

Chair of internal - Celeste Diaz

Chair of Finance - Melissa Perez 

Chair of Programming - Hannah Wied

Chair of Operations - Melvin Reyes

Chair of Admission - Vacant

LC Funding Application 

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