Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves a consultative function. The Director is the liaison between the Board and the Center and serves as an ex-officio member of the same. The co-chairs plan and convenes the Board's meetings. The Advisory Board's bylaws were approved on May 14, 2003. For more information about the Advisory Board, you may contact the Membership Committee Chair, below.

La Casa Latina Advisory Board mission is to create a solid foundation for the Center's vision, goals, and objectives.

Co-Chair (Faculty)

Nelson Flores
Co-Chair (Student)Carlos Carmona
Recruitment Board MemberLuz
LAGAPSA Representatives

Victoria Aguilar

Salomon Moreno-Rosa
Board Member (Staff)Angie Estevez
Board Member (Faculty)Jorge
La Casa Latina DirectorJohnny Irizarry
La Casa Latina Associate Director
Kareli Lizarraga
La Casa Latina Administrative Coordinator
Maritza Santiago-Torres
Latino Coalition Representative

Caleb Diaz
Association of Latino Alumni RepresentativeRuth
Community Representative
Board Member (Penn Staff)
Board Member (Staff-GSE)Lauren
Student Representative
Student Representative