Community Service

The Community Outreach Program at La Casa Latina is committed to organizing, training, and supporting student volunteers within the university system to serve the greater Latina/o community at both local and national levels.

The primary focus of our outreach programming is loosely divided among three key groups in the Latina/o community: children and youth, adults, and new Latina/o students at Penn. Whether you are interested in mentoring and tutoring elementary students in North Philadelphia, teaching English as a second language to new Latin American immigrants in South Philadelphia, or reaching out to new Latino students on the Penn campus, our programs can be tailored to suit your needs. Projects take place both on and off the Penn campus, and most are able to accommodate the busy schedules of our volunteers. Importantly, as our diverse network of volunteers makes clear, community outreach at La Casa Latina is for students of all backgrounds from across the university, not just those who identify as Latina/o. Whoever you are, and whatever your interests may be, we are happy to help in finding a community service project that will be right for you.

Please contact La Casa Latina staff to discuss how to become involved! We are more than happy to provide you with information on ways to get involved. E-mail us at

 Philadelphia Latina/o Community centers