Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs
Phone: 215-898-6993
Fax: 215-746-7088
3600 Chestnut Street
Sansom Place East, Suite 228
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6106

Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Programs provides central leadership and support for the University's efforts to achieve an educational and work environment that is diverse. It ensures the implementation of equal opportunity, affirmative action, and non-discrimination policies through education, training and active partnership with others from the campus and the broader Philadelphia communities.

African American Resource Center (AARC)
Phone: 215-898-0104
Fax: 215-573-9117
3537 Locust Walk
Suite 200
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6225

AARC aims to enhance the quality of life for Penn faculty, staff and students, with a particular emphasis on those of African descent. AARC services include advocacy, information and referral, workshops, support groups, counseling, consultation and advice to students involved in Code of Conduct issues.

Campus Health
Phone: 215-746-3535
3535 Market Street
1st Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Career Services provides career planning and job search assistance to all Penn undergraduates and to graduate students except those pursuing MBA, MD, VMD, DMD and JD degrees. They maintain an extensive website which includes a page of career resources for LGBT students and alumni. If you have questions about career planning, concerns about the job search, or wonder how your sexual orientation might influence your career decisions, you are encouraged to discuss these concerns with a career counselor.

Career Services
Phone: 215-898-3208
Suite 20, McNeil Bldg
3718 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6209

Career Services provides career planning and job search assistance to all Penn undergraduates and to graduate students except those pursuing MBA, MD, VMD, DMD and JD degrees. They maintain an extensive website which includes a page of career resources for LGBT students and alumni. If you have questions about career planning, concerns about the job search, or wonder how your sexual orientation might influence your career decisions, you are encouraged to discuss these concerns with a career counselor.

Chaplain's Office
Phone: 215-573-4214
Fax: 215-573-4895
240 Houston Hall
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6239

Campus Health is the public health section of Student Health Service. We seek to improve health and well-being across campus through health policy, health education and promotion, and disease surveillance and prevention. We are striving for a Healthy Penn!

Christian Association
Phone: 215-746-6350
Fax: 215-746-6352
118 South 37th St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104-2606

The Christian Association is a 114 year-old ecumenical Protestant campus ministry which seeks to be a public voice for a Progressive Christianity that is socially aware and intellectually rigorous. The LGBT-friendly clergy and staff is available for counseling, spiritual direction or as workshop leaders. Of particular concern is the way some use religion as justification for homophobia. The CA also provides a sexuality ministry called PassionWorks.

Civic House
Phone: 215-898-4831
3914 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6152

Penn's community service and learning collaborative which sponsors a variety of programs both on campus and in the Philadelphia community, including the West Philadelphia Tutoring Project, Alternate Spring Break and PennCORP, a pre-orientation service project for first-year students.

Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS)
Phone: 215-898-7021
Fax: 215-573-8966

3624 Market Street
First Floor, West
Philadelphia, PA 19104-2615

Sensitive and confidential counseling services are available free to Penn students, including those exploring their gender or sexual identity, concerned about their sexual orientation or having difficulty in a relationship. Referral to other counseling services in the Philadelphia community is also available.

Division of Public Safety (Penn Police)
Phone: 215-898-9441
4040 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA  19104

The Division of Public Safety is committed to enhancing the quality of life of the campus community, integrating the best practices of public and private policing with state-of-the-art safety and security technology. Most recently, DPS launched a campaign intended to curb theft rates on campus.

Division of Public Safety (Special Services)
Phone: 215-898-4481
4040 Chestnut St
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Serves as point organization for incidents of rape, sexual assault, domestic violence, stalking, harassment and other incidents of a sensitive nature. As liaisons with the Penn and Philadelphia Police, the District Attorney's office, Philadelphia Special Victims Unit, academic offices and counseling services, the staff will support and guide you through the legal and recovery systems. You can report incidents confidentially and/or anonymously and sensitive treatment is assured.

Graduate Student Center
Phone: 215-746-6868
Fax: 215- 746-6874
3615 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6221

The Grad Center is home to the University's 10,000 graduate and professional students. The Center provides social, cultural, academic, recreational, personal development and community service programs for grad students, as well as services to support students at Penn and in Philadelphia. Stop by to become part of Penn's grad community! Also, check out our information on resources, policies, programs and services for the University's diverse graduate and professional student community at

Greenfield Intercultural Center (GIC)
Phone: 215-898-3357
Fax: 215-573-2597
3708 Chestnut St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6188

The GIC serves as an intercultural resource by promoting institution-wide dialogues that raise awareness of the rich traditions and diversity within the Penn community while encouraging students to understand the importance of building a strong intercultural community. The GIC houses the United Minorities Council, a student led inter-racial alliance that address issues of people of color in the Penn community and is also home to PACE (Programs in Awareness and Cultural Education), Alliance and Understanding, the Race Dialogue Project and the Franklin Community, among others. The center also assists Penn students, staff and faculty in developing workshops to address cultural competency and other related issues.

Hillel at Steinhardt Hall
Phone: 215-898-7391
Fax: 215-898-6393
Penn Hillel
215 S. 39th St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Hillel at Steinhardt Hall serves as the focus of Jewish communal activity on campus. A wide variety of social, intellectual, cultural, educational and religious programs serve the spectrum of interests and concerns of Jewish students and faculty. Hillel is open to the entire University community and supportive of a variety of student groups including J-BaGeL, the LGBT Jewish student organization. The professional staff is also available for personal and religious counseling.

HIV Testing: Student Health Service
Phone: 215-746-3535
3535 Market St.
First Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Confidential rapid HIV Testing is available at Student Health Service.

Human Resources - Benefits Office
Phone: 215-898-7281
3401 Walnut St.
Suite 527A
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6228

University employees and their partners may register as domestic partners and gain access to the complete Penn benefits package. For more information, contact the Penn Benefits Center at 1-888-PENNBEN (1-888-736-6236). You must register your partnership before accessing the other benefits; Library Access 215-898-7555, Recreation Facilities and Fees 215-898-6100, and the Penn Mortgage Program 215-898-7422. Please call 215-615-2675 if you are an employee of UPHS.

La Casa Latina
Phone: 215-746-6043
Fax: 215-746-6045
Suite 123, ARCH Building
3601 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6224

La Casa Latina is a center devoted to developing greater awareness of Latino issues, culture and identity on Penn's campus. The Center supports students through resources and services that foster the integration of their academic, social, cultural and community service activities to enrich their Penn experience. La Casa Latina strives to be a Center where all Latinos and non-Latinos can participate and learn from each other in order to enrich the intercultural experience of the Penn Community.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center
Phone: 215-898-5044
Fax: 215-573-5751
3907 Spruce St.
Carriage House
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6031

The Center provides outreach through workshops, discussion groups and its Speakers Bureau (see separate listing) and also co-sponsors several major events throughout the academic year, such as QPenn and "Orientation" Orientation. It advocates within the University on behalf of LGBT people and offers confidential support and assistance to those experiencing harassment or discrimination. The Center publishes a newsletter, "OUTlines," as well as an electronic news bulletin, queer-E, and maintains a large circulating book and video library regarding sexual and gender minorities.

Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Speakers Bureau
Phone: 215-898-5044
Fax: 215-573-5751
3907 Spruce St
Carriage House
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6031

The Bureau consists of trained speakers whom, through sharing their personal experiences, opinions and views challenge queer stereotypes and begin the process of eradicating them. We help our audiences see the need for sexual and gender minorities to achieve equality at all levels. Speakers go to classrooms, fraternities/sororities, residences, as well as area high schools, colleges and community-based organizations to talk about their own experiences and to promote greater understanding and awareness. The Bureau is staffed by members of the Penn community.

Phone: 215-573-0823
Fax: 215-746-0169
Suite 125-128, ARCH Building
3601 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Makuu creates resources for students by serving as a cultural hub for activities, activism and personal, professional and academic growth to increase students retention and connections to the Penn community. The center supports all students, with emphasis on students of African descent, by sustaining a common ground to discuss issues, advise students and their organizations and implement programs. Makuu houses UMOJA, an umbrella organization consisting of 20 Black student organizations and publishes a resource guide providing students with information about Black faculty, academic excellence and campus resources.

Pan-Asian American Community House (PAACH)
Phone: 215-746-6046
Fax: 215-746-6047
3601 Locust Walk
Suite 118, ARCH Building
Philadelphia, PA  19104

PAACH is the University's central resource for advising Asian American and Pacific Islander students, student organizations and their activities. As a center with an educational mission, PAACH works with its academic partner, the Asian American Studies Program (ASAM), to provide co-curricular events focusing on research, culture, history, politics and social issues. PAACH also develops programs for leadership development and community service in collaboration with student and community groups. PAACH is open to all members of the University of Pennsylvania and surrounding community who have an interest in Asian American and Pacific Islander issues.

Penn Violence Prevention
Phone: 215-898-6081
3611 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Penn Violence Prevention is a collaborative program managed by the Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Education, housed in the Division of the Vice Provost of University Life. PVP aims to engage the Penn community in the prevention of sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking on campus. The goal is to not only ensure students have access to safe and effective resources, but to provide preventative education focused on building healthy relationships, understanding consent, reaching out to friends in need, and being an active bystander. The director works closely with a team of colleagues across campus to provide education and outreach. The Director also serves as a confidential resource for students affected by sexual violence, relationship violence, and stalking.

Penn Women's Center
Phone: 215-898-8611
Fax: 215-573-8783
3643 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6230

The Penn Women's Center (PWC) mission is to understand and address the continuing and evolving needs of women on Penn's campus. Established in 1973 in response to women's safety issues, it aids the University in ensuring women's concerns are addressed and provides advising, advocacy, counseling/case management, crisis education programs, outreach policy development, support to campus women's groups and networking opportunities. The PWC maintains a strict confidentiality policy with regard to individuals it counsels and advises.

PennCard Center
Phone: 215-417-CARD
150 Franklin Building
3451 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104-6205

Spouses and domestic partners of students, staff and faculty are eligible to carry a Guest Card on campus. To apply for a card, the PennCard holder should come to the PennCard Center with their spouse/partner, photo IDs and a marriage certificate or proof that they are living together. There will be a $20 fee for the card. With this card, the spouse/partner can use Penn Transportation, Student Health Services (for an additional fee), have access to the Library (borrowing privileges must be arranged separately) and recreational facilities (upon payment of the spouse/partner fee). For faculty and staff, registration of domestic partners with Human Resources should be explored prior to following this procedure (see "Human Resources" listing).

Reading Room at the LGBT Center
Phone: 215-898-5044
3907 Spruce St

The Center maintains a large collection of around 2,000 books, videos, DVDs and periodicals written/produced for and about sexual and gender minorities. Materials range in subject matter from LGBT studies to fiction. All members of the Penn community are welcome to borrow library materials. Staff is available to speak with students and faculty conducting research or writing about LGBT people.

Student Awareness of Safer Sex Supplies (SASSS)
Phone: 215-662-2850
3535 Market Street
First Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19104

The SASSS program provides contraceptive pills and devices at reduced prices compared to outside pharmacies. To use this service, you must have a prescription updated within the past year written by a Student Health Service provider. Only Penn students, spouses and domestic partners showing a current ID are eligible to use the in-house medication service.

Student Financial Services

Penn Compact 2020 illustrates the University's commitment to increasing access and diversity. Penn is dedicated to meeting the full financial need of undergraduates with an all-grant, no-loan aid policy, and to strengthen financial aid for graduate and professional students.

Penn offers additional resources and supports that may be helpful for low-income or first-generation students. This web page provides links to services, support, and administrative contacts to assist you with any concerns.

Student Health Service
Phone: 215-746-3535
3535 Market Street
Suite 100
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Student Health is a full service health clinic. All students are eligible, as are partners with a guest card. Student Health has several queer and many queer-sensitive staff members with particular interest and experience in working with LGBT students. Self-Identified LGBT-friendly docs at Student Health: Men's Health: Thomas Reda, MD and Barry Kenneally, MD Women's Health: Deborah Mathis, NP, Joyce McNeil, NP and Janice Asher, MD

Student Intervention Services
Phone: 215-898-6081
3611 Locust Walk
Office of Vice Provost for University Life
Philadelphia, PA  19104

The Student Intervention Services (SIS) team is committed to helping the University community deal with emergencies or crises involving the welfare and safety of our students. Throughout the academic year, faculty and staff may be presented with situations that seem to be adversely affecting the lives of students, their friends, family or other members of our community. SIS can be used as a resource to help coordinate the services needed to partner students, and those family members and community members who nurture students' interests and aspirations, through crises.

Title IX at Penn

As an equal opportunity educational institution and employer, the University of Pennsylvania is committed to providing learning, living and working environments that are free from discrimination on the basis of sex for students, faculty, staff, and campus visitors. Title IX also extends to trans students at the University.

University of Pennsylvania Libraries
Phone: 215-898-7555
3420 Walnut St.
Philadelphia, PA  19104

Penn Libraries receive several LGBT periodicals and books. Contact David Azzolina, reference librarian at Van Pelt Library, for assistance regarding LGBT materials.

Women's Health
Phone: 215-746-3535
3535 Market Street
First Floor
Philadelphia, PA  19104

The Women's Health clinical staff is comprised of women whose goal is to serve Penn women in a sensitive and supportive manner. A gynecologist, nurse practitioners, and a sexual health counselor are available. Women's Health offers routine gynecologic care, treats menstrual and gynecological problems and provides contraception.

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