When you see the SafeZone placard outside a College House room or office, you have found a SAFE SPACE to talk about sexual orientation or gender identity issues. Every SafeZone member has attended a 4-hour seminar and signed a contract agreeing to provide a listening ear and positive resources/referrals. SafeZones is a joint effort of the LGBT Center and College Houses and Academic Services.

To find a SafeZone-trained staff member please click here.

Are you a College House staff member who wants to sign-up for the next round of Safezone training? >> Please fill out this form <<  Please note that Safezone training is limited to College House staff members.  If you have any questions about the Safezones, please contact Erin Cross, or if a SafeZone member truly is not providing a safe space for LGBTQ individuals, please fill out this form.