The Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Center at the University of Pennsylvania is committed to:

Welcoming everybody
You are welcome at the Center, no exceptions. We accept you as an individual whether queer, heterosexual, questioning or something else, 'in' or 'out,' of any race or ethnicity, young or old,and so on, as we value and appreciate everyone.

Respecting varied ways of being
We acknowledge there are many ways to be lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, or allied and celebrate our community's diversity.

Maintaining confidentiality
We provide a confidential, non-judgmental place in which to embrace and discuss sexuality and gender.

Making no assumptions
Assumptions are not made about anyone's identity, reason(s) for coming to the Center, or any other status, as we believe everyone is a unique individual.

Ending all forms of oppression
We strive to end all oppression because if one person is diminished by oppression, then we all are.

Fostering and maintaining a sense of community
Creating a sense of community is vital for LGBTQA persons on campus to engender pride, a safe space, and learning and leadership opportunities. As we build campus community, we alsohope to stimulate a connection to the broader LGBTQA community in Philadelphia, the U.S.,and the world.

Recognizing our forbears' contributions
We stand on our forbears' shoulders, as their work has enabled us to be where we are today.  We are grateful to them and aim to recognize their contributions on a regular basis.

Giving back to others
Just as our forbears have given to us, we strive to serve others through volunteer, activist, and community work.

Engaging with Philadelphia-area organizations
We partner with city-based organizations to the best of our ability, particularly those serving the next generation of college students.

Being open to feedback
Patron opinion is important and Center staff takes it seriously. Please let us know how we are doing either in person, by email, or anonymously via our web site or suggestion box (locatednear the printers on the second floor).