Exam Analysis Protocol

The Office of Learning Resources offers students the opportunity to confidentially review recently taken exams for the purpose of analyzing their performance to enhance their preparation for upcoming assessments. The following is our protocol for the Weingarten Center's exam analysis service.

Step 1
Student schedules an appointment with a Learning Instructor (LI) for an in-take assessment. If appropriate, the LI will recommend a follow-up appointment to analyze the exam.

Step 2
Student contacts their professor/TA to forward the exam to the Weingarten Learning Resources Center (WLRC) prior to the follow-up appointment.

Step 3
Professor downloads the Delivery Form for Exam Analysis, attaches it to the front of an envelope and has the exam delivered to WLRC prior to the date of the follow-up appointment.

Step 4
Student calls the WLRC and checks that the exam has been delivered prior to the appointment.  If the exam has yet to be delivered, the student is responsible for following up with the professor/TA.

It is highly recommended that a student does not cancel their appointment if the exam has yet to be delivered. The student can use the scheduled appointment to discuss general exam preparing/taking and other learning/study strategies in preparation for upcoming exams.

Step 5
Student and the LI analyze the exam together in order to identify effective exam taking and/or exam preparation strategies.

Step 6
The WLRC returns the exam to the Student's professor/TA according to instructions provided on the Delivery Form for Exam Analysis

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us by phone at (215) 573-9235 or email at vpul-lrcmail@pobox.upenn.edu.