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For all Students

Weekly CalendarPDF; Word
Undergraduate Semester Calendar - Spring 2020
PDF; Word
Graduate Semester Calendar - Spring 2020

Technology and Applications

Below are a few of our favorite apps to help you maximize the utility of your mobile device to support your learning and project management. Please keep in mind that no app can think for you, or do the task at hand, that's up to you and how you make it work for you. Feel free to make an appointment with a learning instructor to discuss how you can strategically use these apps to support your learning.

General Purpose

Evernote icon

For note-taking, research, creating to-dos, lists and attaching images, and PDF's. Instantly synchronizes from computer to smartphone, tablet and the web. iOS and Android compatible.

Dropbox IconDropbox

Free service that lets you store your photos, docs, and videos in the cloud and share them easily. Synchronizes from computer to smartphone, tablet and the web. iOS and Android compatible.

2Do Icon

Checklist to full-blown project management. A task manager app that lets you focus on what's important. iOS and Android compatible.
Self Control Icon

A free and open-source application for Mac OS X (10.5 or above) that lets you block your own access to distracting websites, your mail servers, or anything else on the Internet. Includes self-set timer feature that block access those sites--even if you restart your computer or delete the application!

Magical Pad IconMagical Pad

Note-Taking and Task Manager app that enables you to quickly take notes, capture ideas, doodle and manage lists and to-dos. iOS compatibility only.

SimpleMind Icon
Mind mapping tool that turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch into a brainstorming, idea collection and thought structuring device. iOS compatibility only.
Coggle Icon


Mapping tool allows users several advanced features to diagram information and use it for collaborative aspects project management, report writing, and just brainstorming.

Handwritten Notes
Noteshelf Icon

Note-Taking app that allows you to jot down whatever comes to mind, just like an ordinary pen and paper. Write with finger, stylus or smart pen. Easily allows for exporting to Evernote, Dropbox, Twitter and Facebook. iOS compatibility only.

Notesplus Icon
Note-Taking app that allows you to type, draw or record notes. Import and annotate and highlight on PDF's. Easily allows for exporting to various outlets. iOS compatibility only.
Notability icon

Note-Taking app that allows you to create, illustrate, outline, annotate, record, capture photos. Automatic cloud synchronizing to iPhone and iPad. iOS compatibility only.

Annotations & Readers

iAnnotate Icon
iAnnotate PDF

PDF document reader that allows for reading, annotating and sharing PDF documents, Word/PowerPoint files and images. iOS and Android complatible.

GoodReader Icon
Document reader that allows you to read virtually anything, anywhere: books, movies, pictures. Easily annotate, manage, transfer, and sync files. iOS compatibility only.
Adobe Acrobat Reader Icon
Adobe Acrobat Reader
PDF document reader app that allows for reading and annotating PDF's across various platforms. iOS and Android compatible. 
PDF Expert Icon
PDF Expert
PDF Expert is a professional PDF viewer and annotation tool for iPhone/iPod Touch. Read and annotate PDF documents, highlight text, and annotate. Sync with Dropbox. Copy files from Mac and PC. PDF Expert is a professional PDF viewer and annotation tool for iPhone/iPod Touch. iOS compatibility only.


Undergraduate Students

"It All Starts with Listening"PDF
"I'm Too Busy to Manage My Time"PDF

The Little Red Writing Book

A practical book providing clear explanations to enhance your writing.

Royal, B. (2007). The Little Red Writing Book. Cincinnati, Ohio: Writers Digest.



Learning Outside the Lines

A motivating and informative book that provides practical strategies designed for students with different learning styles.

Mooney, J., & Cole, D. (2000). Learning Outside the Lines. New York, New York: Fireside.



International Students

"Getting to Know the U.S. Classroom"

Additional Titles Available at WLRC


Academics Plus Workshop Series: A workshop series designed to help students from diverse linguistic backgrounds transition to a new academic culture and learning environment. For more information, please click here.


The Accent of Success: A Practical Guide for International Students in U.S. Colleges

This book addresses challenges and concerns that international students face on campus.

Shiraev, E.B., & Boyd, G.L. (2008). The Accent of Success: A Practical Guide for International Students in U.S. Colleges. Ann Arbor, Michigan : University of Michigan Press.



What Every ESL Student Should Know: A Guide to College and University Academic Success

The book instructs international students about language learning and classroom expectations through a compliation of advice, experience and suggestions.

Flores, K.O. (2008). What Every ESL Student Should Know: A Guide to College and University Academic Success. Ann Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press.



Graduate Students

"Pressure Versus Process"PDF
"Making the Most of Your Study Group"PDF

Academic Writing for Graduate School

A concise writing guide for graduate students that address a variety of fields.

Swales, J.M., & Feak, C. (2004). Academic Writing for Graduate Students. Ann Arbor, Michigan : University of Michigan Press.



They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing

An excellent fun-to-read guide that helps dymistify the needlessly daunting fears of academic writing.

Graff, Gerald, & Birkenstein, Cathy. (2006).They Say/I Say: The Moves That Matter in Academic Writing. New York, New York: W.W. Norton & Co.



Professional Students

"Environment is Everything"PDF
"Making the Most of Your Study Group"PDF

A Guerrilla Manual for Adult College Students

The author provides organized, comprehensive strategies specifically designed for the adult learner.

Doolin, M. (2003). A Guerilla Manual for Adult College Students: How to go to College (Almost) full time in your spare time and still have time to hold down a job, raise a family, pay the bills and have some fun.


Resources for Managing Articles, References and Digital Annotations

Mendeley Icon

A digital manager that organizes references, research, and enables collaborative discovery of the latest research. Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

RefWorks Icon

Allows users to create personal bibliographic citation database using this web-based bibliographic management tool.

Note: RefWorks is available freely through Penn Libraries to all current students, faculty, and staff.

Zotero Icon
Allows users to organize online resources, bibliographies, blog posts and PDFs. This way, users can organize all the searched web content in one place and keep track of what information has been located, and then, find it again easily.
Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

Resources for STEM courses

Wolfram Alpha Icon
Wolfram Alpha
A free open source tool, allows users to submit mathematical and computation queries through a text field. Wolfram Alpha computes answers to user queries and displays relevant visualizations that make the answers easy to comprehend and apply to other problems of similar nature.
Khan Academy Icon
Khan Academy
A free educational resource that offers video tutorials on a wide range of subjects including: mathematics, history, physics, general and organic chemistry, micro and macroeconomics. Khan Academy allows users to develop a personalized dashboard to tag favorites and most commonly used tutorials.
Molecular Icon
Molecular Workbench

A free open source portal that allows users to launch and customize concepts at atomic and molecular levels in physics, chemistry, biotechnology and nanotechnology.