Current Research Opportunities


Student Disabilities Services receives numerous requests to participate in research studies from other institutions throughout the year.  We do not disclose any identifying information.  However, we would like to offer our students the opportunity to participate in these studies.  Penn is a research-based institution so we understand the importance of collecting data to further knowledge in our field.

Current research opportunities for participation

Research Study at the University of Buffalo:

You are cordially invited to participate in this research study on the Career Decision Making Patterns of College Students with High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (HFASDs), Learning Disabilities (LDs) and College Students Without Disabilities.


* age 18 and above

* understand English

* any college students without a disability, or having formal diagnoses of High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders (HFASDs) or Learning Disabilities (LDs). The diagnoses do not have to be recent but should be a diagnosis given by a medical doctor, a psychologist, or a psychiatrist.

* currently in good physical, psychological and mental health (a brief check list will be presented before you will continue the survey).

We need your help in:

* completing an online survey about your decision patterns regarding your career, your education achievement, school adjustment, as well as supports and barriers in relation to your career pursue. The whole survey may take up to 1.5 hours to complete.

Rights and Confidentiality:

* Your participation is voluntary.

* You have the right to stop any time if you choose to participate in completing the survey.

* Your information is kept confidential. All online survey results will not contain any names or other pieces of information that allow others to know who you are. The online survey results are stored in a password-protected computer in a locked office.


If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact the principal investigator:

Christine Farrow (Principal Investigator), Doctoral Student, University at Buffalo,

Gloria K. Lee, Ph.D., C.R.C. (Project Supervisor), Associate Professor, 419 Baldy Hall, Department of Counseling, School & Educational Psychology, University at Buffalo - the State University of New York, Buffalo, NY 14260-1000. Tel: (716) 645 1123 E-mail:

If you are interested in participating, a link that will lead you to some information and resources first before the actual survey is available:

 Start Survey