In addition to the various programs that Makuu produces and supports, the center also engages in the following endeavors: 

Student Development

All hands inMakuu's philosophy on student support is to work with the whole person - from their academic pursuits, to their student organization involvement and leadership positions, to their general health and well-being. Our efforts here are two-fold. First, our professional staff engages students in meaningful ways, opening the door to better understand their needs, talents, interests, and stories. Second, Makuu seeks to inform and empower students so that they can play an active role in informing and empowering each other. We expect students to lift as they climb, and to ensure that the collective excels. This is the part of the work that is extremely difficult to quantify, but is the reason why so many students call Makuu "home."

Community Building

Throughout the year Makuu seeks to foster opportunities for collaboration across offices and departments at Penn, among various undergraduate and graduate student groups, between community-based and citywide agencies, and/or linked to other colleges and universities. In a fast-paced environment such as Penn, this is often not easy to coordinate, but when successful, it produces truly memorable experiences that bring together people, ideas, and resources in uniquely innovative and effective ways.


Marc Morial and Nicole Maloy at Penn Spectrum 2013Graduates from the University of Pennsylvania go on to do some amazing things in nearly every field and in virtually every part of the globe. Makuu has maintained contact with many of these alumni, bringing them back to campus for talks and gatherings, connecting them with undergraduate mentees, introducing them to each other so they can collaborate, and much more. 

Please visit our Resources page for links to alumni-owned businesses and endeavors. Reach out to them and let them know that Makuu sent you!

College Access & CAMPUS VISITS

Part of a solid college access strategy includes exposing young people to college campuses, the sooner the better. Each year Makuu welcomes elementary, middle, and high school students to campus. Makuu student staff members provide walking tours of campus and/or panel conversations about their experiences at Penn. Makuu's professional staff and other campus partners also join in on these talks, helping young people paint a clearer picture of their future college careers. Makuu also welcomes visiting families and Penn applicants throughout the year. If you are a teacher, counselor, college access service provider, parent, or applicant and are interested in having Makuu represenatives talk to you more about Penn, please complete this brief form.


Suited and booted

With a professional blogger, a former music journalist, and social media saavy students on the Makuu staff, we stay on the internets. Whether it's circulating the latest trending topic, creating a new meme, or dropping our own digital editorials, #WeGotYou online.

In 2013 it became somewhat of an inside joke that you finally made it at Penn once you were featured in a Makuu meme. We go out of our way to showcase our students, organizations, alumni, historical figures, and partners, through photos and by linking to written features on their achievements, or their own op-eds. We also update Makuu social media spaces daily with relevant news features and opportunities. Check for some new media formats coming soon, and stay connected daily so that you don't miss out!


The University of Pennsylvania is one of the leading research instituitons in the world. Makuu has contributed to the production of new scholarly knowledge by advising numerous student projects and theses, and undertaking our own studies on the center's impact, student engagement theories, cultural relevance, and more.