Program Overview


  • Underrepresented minority students and others with a demonstrated commitment to eradicating racial disparities
  • United States citizen
  • Sophomore or Junior
  • Strong interest in a career in college and university teaching
  • Exceptional scholarly promise in one of the following fields:Humanities (including English, Foreign Languages, Literature, Art, Classics, Musicology, Philosophy, Religious Studies), Anthropology, Demography, Linguistics, Mathematics, Sociology
  • Intention to matriculate in a Ph.D. program

Faculty Mentorship

Students selected as Fellows will be matched with a faculty mentor who will serve as a role model and research advisor. Under the mentor's guidance, Fellows are encouraged to discover an intellectual identity as they prepare for their Ph.D. programs and academic careers.

Program Support

Examples of program support include:

  • National and international summer research opportunities
  • Travel to archives or research sites
  • Workshop or conference fees
  • Purchase of books or scholarly materials
  • Preparation for the Graduate Record Examinations
  • Graduate school application fees