Greek Chapter Housing at Penn

COVID-19 Update

If you are not on-campus by March 13th: DO NOT RETURN TO PENN.

Stay away from campus and the chapter house.

This is an urgent Public Health matter. 

Chapter house presidents, managers and residents will continue to recieve updates as OFSL recieves them. 

An important message has been sent out on March 13th with further information on chapter house closures. 

As this is an ever changing situation please continue to refer to the official university sources for updates.

University Updates:

Student FAQ:

House Closures:

  • All Penn-owned/managed chapter house are closing at 8:00 pm on Tuesday, March 17, and all PennCards will be turned off for all chapter entities. No one will be permitted to reside in a chapter house after that date. All doors and windows will be locked secured. University Security will verify the house is empty.
  • Trespassers will be escorted out of the house and held accountable with the Division of Public Safety and Student Conduct, and may be subject to a $500.00 fine each.
  • Effectively immediately, all friends, guests, non-resident chapter members, etc. are strictly prohibited from entering a chapter house.
  • Do not attempt to stay with friends in off-campus/chapter annex homes or the Privately-owned fraternity/sorority homes.

Request to Remain on-campus (for any resident currently on campus):

  • Submit your application via this website only:
  • The firm deadline to submit is now at noon on March 14, 2020.
  • Approval will be vastly limited to only the most extreme/urgent situations. The urgency from the President and Provost is for everyone to leave campus.
  • All residents requesting to stay must submit the application, including international students facing travel restrictions.
  • While you await approval/denial of your request, pack your belongings and be prepared to move with short notice.

Pest Control and Food in Chapter Homes:

Contract Exterminators have ordered the following to limit and control Pests in the home:

  • All food in the house (common areas, kitchens, fridges, bedrooms, etc.) will be discarded. The only exception will be food in the kitchen freezer.
  • All food in the refrigerators. Any food in plastic. Any food in cardboard boxes (i.e. cereal). Any food in sacks (i.e. large bags of rice). Food in glass or Tupperware container should be fine except if perishable items can be seen inside.
  • Residents currently in the home: we need your leadership. Begin discarding food now.
  • Begin discarding all food in the kitchen, common areas, and your bedroom.
  • Chefs are permitted to retrieve items they need through 8:00 pm on Tuesday, March 17.

Move-Out Info:

  • Continue to follow the previous instructions from Penn Residential and Hospitality Services.
  • Moving Carts, Parking passes, and boxes (if available) are available at the nearest College House to your chapter home.
  • If you completely move-out: return your bedroom key to UCA (4104 Walnut) using a Key Return Envelope (dropped-off at each chapter house foyer area).


  • From College House and Greek chapter house residents not returning from break will leave their belongings in their rooms until Penn decides it is safe/appropriate to return to move out. Rooms will be secure. There will be no storage fee. Students who are on campus now, but leaving for the rest of the semester, may not be able to take all items with them. They, too, may safely leave belongings in their room.
  • Residents on campus: if you need to leave items in the bedroom, use tape and label items with your Name, Room #, Date.

OFSL Community Map

There are 32 official fraternity and sorority chapter houses on the University of Pennsylvania's campus, 24 of which are owned and operated by the University in conjunction with Campus Apartments, and 8 which are privately owned or leased by their respective organizations. The information on this page pertains only to the 24 University-owned properties listed below.

Alpha Delta Pi Chapter House
Alpha Delta Pi (ADP)
Alpha Tau Omega Chapter House
Alpha Tau Omega (ATW)
Beta Theta Pi Chapter House
Beta Theta Pi (BQP)
Chi Omega Chapter House
Chi Omega  (CW)
Delta Kappa Epsilon Chapter House
Delta Kappa Epsilon (DKE)
Delta Phi Chapter House
Delta Phi (DF)
Kappa Alpha Society Chapter House
Kappa Alpha Society (KA)
Kappa Alpha Theta Chapter House
Kappa Alpha Theta (KAQ)
Kappa Sigma Chapter House
Kappa Sigma (KS)
Lambda Chi Alpha Chapter House
Lambda Chi Alpha (LCA)
Phi Delta Theta Chapter House
Phi Delta Theta (FDQ)
Phi Gamma Delta Chapter House
Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

Phi Kappa Psi Chapter House
Phi Kappa Psi (FKY)

Pi Kappa Alpha Chapter House
Pi Kappa Alpha (PKA)
Psi Upsilon Chapter House
Psi Upsilon (YU)
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chapter House
Sigma Alpha Epsilon (SAE)

Sigma Alpha Mu Chapter House
Sigma Alpha Mu (SAM)

Sigma Chi Chapter House
Sigma Chi (SC)
Sigma Delta Tau Chapter House
Sigma Delta Tau (SDT)
Sigma Kappa Chapter House
Sigma Kappa (SK)

Sigma Phi Epsilon Chapter House
Sigma Phi Epsilon (SFE)

Tau Epsilon Phi Chapter House
Tau Epsilon Phi (TEF)
Zeta Beta Tau Chapter House
Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT)
Zeta Psi Chapter House
Zeta Psi (ZY)

Frequently Asked Questions

Chapter Housing Occupancy

Who is eligible to live in a University-owned chapter house?

All persons residing in a University-owned chapter house shall be full-time regularly enrolled undergraduate students at the University of Pennsylvania. With the exception of a few special cases, all residents are current members of a recognized Greek organization's chapter at Penn.

What is the sign-up process?

All students residing in chapter houses are required to sign an Occupancy Agreement, similar to signing a lease for an apartment. Agreements can be signed for one or both semesters of the Academic Year.

The primary sign-up period takes place at the end of the Spring semester prior to the year of residence, but new residents can be added at any point during the year. If you are a chapter member interested in switching to chapter house living for this current academic year, contact your House Manager and Chapter President to confirm room availability. The House Manager and Chapter President will then work with us to get you enrolled.

Information about 2018-2019 Academic Year chapter housing will be provided to House Managers and Chapter Presidents to distribute to their members. New members who join a chapter during the Spring term will be eligible to live in a chapter house for the upcoming Academic Year. We recommend getting in touch with your Chapter President or House Manager for additional details.

How is the room selection process conducted?

Each chapter uses their own process to determine their room configurations, usually based on seniority. A form, known as the Occupancy Summary, is completed with the proposed room configuration for the entire house and submitted to OFSL by the House Manager and Chapter President for approval. Once the Occupancy Summary has been submitted (usually around March 1st), the room assignments are finalized and entered into the University housing system. OFSL uses the Occupancy Summary to generate individualized Occupancy Agreements, which are then signed by the individual prospective residents.

Please note that Occupancy Agreements are non-transferrable, meaning that switching rooms/keys or occupying a room for which you did not sign an Agreement is strictly prohibited. Any and all room changes must be approved by the Chapter President and OFSL, and a process will be outlined for the resident(s) on a case-by-case basis.

What are the occupancy dates for the current Academic Year?

Move-In Category



Fall Early Move-InAugust 22-23August 21-22
Fall Standard Move-In BeginsAugust 24August 23
Fall Break
(chapter houses remain open)
October 4-7October 10-13
Thanksgiving Break
(chapter houses remain open)
November 22-25November 28-December 1
Fall Term Final ExaminationsDecember 13-20December 12-19
Fall Term EndsDecember 20December 19
Winter Break Standard Move-Out (by 12pm)December 21December 20
Winter Break (chapter houses closed)December 21-January 12December 20-January 11
Chapter Houses Reopen for Spring (9am)January 12January 11
Spring Break
(chapter houses remain open)
March 2-10March 7-15
Spring Term Final ExaminationsMay 6-14May 4-12
Spring Term EndsMay 14May 12
Spring Term Standard Move-Out (by 12pm)
(for all non-graduating residents)
May 15May 13
Alumni WeekendMay 17-19May 15-17
CommencementMay 20May 18
Spring Term Extended Move-Out (by 12pm)
(for graduating residents only)
May 21May 19

Can I live in a chapter house during Summer Break?

Summer occupancy is not available, with the exception of Kappa Alpha Society and Lambda Chi Alpha, whose leadership members determine whether or not the house will remain open for the summer. Interested students should contact those organizations directly for more information.

Can I request a room change during the year?

Occupancy Agreements are signed for specific rooms and are non-transferrable. Residents are prohibited from changing rooms without prior authorization from both the chapter and OFSL staff. If a resident needs to change rooms because of extenuating circumstances threatening a resident's wellness and safety, the resident should talk to their house manager first and work with Jon Bell, the Associate Director for Chapter Housing & Risk Reduction.

Partnerships and Positions

What is Campus Apartments?

Campus Apartments / University City Associates (UCA) is partner of the University of Pennsylvania. As of 2016, their team has provided the oversight and facilities management for all University-owned fraternity and sorority chapter houses. They work with OFSL staff, Penn Facilities & Real Estate Management (FRES) staff, student house managers and presidents, alumni/ae boards, house corporations, and other vested parties to coordinate regular maintenance, repairs, cleanings, and capital improvement projects for the properties through the vendors which they supervise. Link to submit a work order: Only assigned residents can submit a work order.

For emergency issues only, the Emergency Facilities Hotline is (215) 349-7133. Submit an online work order after calling the Emergency Facilities Hotline, also.

What is a House Manager?

A House Manager is an undergraduate member of a fraternity or sorority who typically lives in the chapter house, fulfilling a vital leadership position in the chapter's executive board. Their role intersects with many areas of chapter life, primarily centering on facilitating a supportive, safe, and considerate living environment that is conducive to academic success. They are community builders in that they provide opportunities for residents to interact with others in affirmative, meaningful, and intentional ways. While a large component of a house manager's responsibilities may include the coordinating care and upkeep efforts of the chapter facility, they also play a vital role as a referral agent by connecting residents to campus and community resources, responding to emergencies, educating chapter members on University policies, and encouraging positive interactions with members of the University community and beyond. 


Please see our Finances page for this information.

Chapter House Living

What is it like to live in a chapter house?

Living in a fraternity or sorority chapter house provides the opportunity for chapters to strengthen the bonds of their membership in a communal environment. Depending on the facility, chapter houses have different types of community spaces including living rooms, kitchens, study rooms, dining areas, game rooms, and more. Houses also have a range of bedroom styles including single-rooms, double-rooms, and three-person suites. Living in the chapter house can be a fun experience which allows you to build relationships with other members.

Is furniture already provided, or do I need to bring my own?

Each chapter has its own policy regarding providing furniture in bedroom spaces. Some chapters provide furniture, and some do not. Check with your house manager, chapter president, or alumni/ae advisor/house corporation if you have questions. OFSL maintains records of policy descriptions as submitted by house corporations. If you move into a bedroom and remove furniture that has been provided for you, you must ensure the furniture is placed back into the room when you move out; otherwise, you may be responsible for covering the cost to replace it.

Can I store items in the chapter house over the summer?

Chapter houses cannot serve the purpose of a storage unit. Residents are not authorized to keep personal items, furniture, or appliances in the chapter house outside of the occupancy period outlined on their Occupancy Agreement. Any item left behind is done so at the resident's own risk, and may be removed by Penn, OFSL, Campus Apartments, and/or an approved University partner. If OFSL or Campus Apartments authorize an item to remain in a chapter house, all guidelines must be followed. If a chapter house is having furniture and/or large appliance delivered, the chapter must coordinate the delivery with Campus Apartments.