Awards for Seniors

1) The Senior Honor Awards (Spoon, Bowl, Cane and Spade for those who identify as men; Hottel, Harnwell, Goddard and Brownlee Awards for those who identify as women).

Nominees must be members in good academic standing of the Class of 2018 (defined as those who matriculated at Penn in the fall of 2014, transfer students who matriculated at their previous school in the fall of 2014, or students who matriculated in the fall of 2015 but are graduating with the Class of 2018) who have actively contributed to campus life through activities and leadership. All nominees are placed on a ballot (one for men, one for women) which is distributed to a committee of staff members and the Senior Class Board. This committee votes and narrows the candidate pool to 15 men and 15 women, who are then voted upon by the entire Senior Class. The top 4 men and 4 women receive the awards on Ivy Day.

2) The James Howard Weiss Memorial Award and The Penn Student Agencies Award.

Both awards recognize distinguished academic achievement (minimum G.P.A. of 3.7) and significant leadership in undergraduate activities by members of the senior class. A committee of students, faculty and staff makes the final selection from the list of candidates. Ideally, nominees should be the most outstanding members of group (1) above.

3) Student Award of Merit

This award, sponsored by Penn Alumni, is presented to members of the Senior Class on the May graduation roster in recognition of their service to the University of Pennsylvania, which, in combination with other activities/endeavors, strengthens and enhances the University. The selection committee recognizes that University service takes many different forms, including but not limited to academic, co-curricular, athletic, and community service.  Alumni relations and/or advancement experience is not required.  Applicants are asked to use the brief essay portion of this application to describe the nature of their contributions to the Penn community and provide meaningful examples of the same.  This award will be given to no fewer than one and no more than five members of the senior class. A committee comprised of alumni makes the final selection from the list of candidates. There is no minimum G.P.A. requirement.

*The application deadline for the Student Award of Merit is 5pm on Tuesday, March 13, 2018.

4) The Sol Feinstone Undergraduate Awards.

These awards may be presented to a sophomore, junior or senior who has contributed to "orderly and constructive social and educational change within or outside the University community." Past recipients have included the undergraduate who established the first mental health student group in the nation; the creators of a Saturday African-centered enrichment program for local children; the organizers of a pre-orientation leadership program for first-year students; and the founder of the first and the only youth-led LGBT statewide organization in the nation. Finalists are chosen by the same committee as in (2) above. (Keep in mind the fact that there must be a specific contribution, not just a list of activities).

All nominations should be submitted, using the online forms, by Monday, February 12 at 5:00 p.m. Questions can be directed to Rodney Robinson.

Self-nominations are encouraged!