ASPIRE Board and Facilitators

ASPIRE Board and Facilitators

Queenie Lam | Chair 

Queenie is a junior studying Psychology in the College of Arts and Sciences. Aside from being a Chinese-Vietnamese student from South Philadelphia, she is passionate about mental health in Asian communities, access to language services, and dogs. Outside of ASPIRE, Queenie is involved with alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority and Asian Americans United.

Martina Liu | Curriculum Chair

Martina is a sophomore in the School of Engineering and Applied Science studying Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, potentially picking up Sociology as a second major. Hailing from Jackson, NJ (aka where Six Flags is), they can often be found with a cold drink even in cold weather. Outside of ASPIRE, Martina works as an assistant in the MEAM Labs and is involved with Penn Women's Week, After School Arts at Penn, and IvyQ. In their spare time, they enjoy reading books and updating their Goodreads account, cooking and baking, and watching BuzzFeed Unsolved.

Pranav Kaygee | Curriculum Chair

Pranav Kaygee is a sophomore studying Finance in Wharton and Biological Basis of Behavior in the College of Arts and Sciences. As a Southern California native, Pranav makes the most the region's diverse geography, by snowboarding in the Sierra Nevada during the winter and surfing the Pacific Ocean during the summer. He is also an avid movie goer and a passionate musician, with a penchant for indie rock and Bollywood. In addition to ASPIRE, Pranav is actively involved in Penn Bioethics Journal, Penn Neuroscience Society, UCHC volunteering, Asian Pacific American Leadership Initiative, and Wharton Undergraduate Healthcare Club.

Melinda Wang | Outreach Chair

Melinda is a junior at Wharton, concentrating in Business Analytics and Finance. As a SoCal gal, Melinda still slips in that, like, California touch at times. In addition to her involvement with ASPIRE, Melinda spends her time in Philadelphia working with VietLead, the Global Development Collaborative, and the Wharton Risk Management Center. 

Tiffany Wang | Social Chair

Tiffany Wang is a sophomore in the College, studying international relations (though that may change in the face of the midterm she just took) and communication. Aside from ASPIRE, she's also involved with Penn Taiwanese Society, Asian Pacific Student Coalition, and the Asian American Studies Undergraduate Advisory Board. In her spare time she likes to eat an intense amount of bread and buy Muji pens because she keeps losing them.

Katherine Hsu | Facilitator

Kat is a freshman in the College studying Political Science. She's originally from Los Angeles, CA (and a firm believer that west coast, best coast). She harbors an intense love for avocados and long road trips. She's excited to talk to high schoolers about API issues like representation and mental health. Outside of ASPIRE, Kat is also on the board of AAPI Politics, and a member of Penn Global Research and Consulting, Write On, PennCASE, and Speech and Debate. 

Baktiar Choudhury | Facilitator 

Baktiar has been involved in the discussion and learning of Asian American studies for the past 3 years. It all began when he conducted an independent research seminar on Asian Americans studies during his junior year at Central High School. He worked with a great teacher named Mr. Hung. His enthusiasm for the topic helped Baktar understand just how important Asian American studies truly is. He was a student in ASPIRE, and now he is a facilitator. The journey from step A to step B was long but worth it. 

Sarah Kim | Facilitator 

Sarah Kim is a freshman from the College of Arts and Science at the University of Pennsylvania. She plans on majoring in Philosophy, Politics and Economics. She is a facilator for ASPIRE which she joined in freshman year. Her hobbies include curling with a nice book and eating delicious food.

Asfandyar Cheema | Facilitator

Asfandyar is a freshman in Wharton, concentrating probably in marketing or legal studies with a major in History at the College starting next year. He is from Pakistan and has changed cities, schools and in some cases, countries, over 8 times. He loves traveling, eating and having deep one-on-one conversations. He's super passionate about the color turquoise and waffles and also has a pet Labrador named Waffles (who is objectively the cutest pup ever). His favorite TV show is Hannibal and his favorite book series is The Belgariad by David Eddings. On campus, he is the freshman liaison of the Penn Pakistan Society, member of the events committee at Wharton Business and Law Association and a facilitator at ASPIRE.